Busy as a bee….

I have been busy. I have spent the last couple of weeks up to my ears in work. No fault of mine – mind you – but yet another unusual turn of events has meant that I have been thrust into the eye of the storm at a new project. Needless to say, it is keeping with the over arching theme of my life – getting lucky breaks when i least expect them, or even deserve them. Two blokes overseeing proceedings on behalf of my firm at a prized client between them contrived to move on – one to pastures new, and the other to the ignominy of summary dismissal. I, the only available bloke, has thus been thrust in, in a moment, at the deep end. Truth be told, the tasks at hand are quotidian at best – ordinary run of the mill things that I in my field should be able to handle without batting an eyelid. The only dark cloud on the bright blue skies however is the sheer amount of paper work that yours truly has to sift through. There are mitigating circumstances – for the first time in seven years of slaving for various employers in three jobs and three continents, I am the only male member of a predominantly female work group. Truth be told, the ladies are fabulous to work with –  friendly, a wee bit too chatty, but great company all the same.  Throw in occasional gifts of a home made sandwich, and free lunch on the company and it is an excellent situation for my bachelor instincts.  All in all, it looks like it is shaping up to be a grand few weeks… and then we roll out the champagne..

7 thoughts on “Busy as a bee….

  1. I’m happy for you, man. Things seem to be looking up pretty well and I wish you all the best. It’s funny you find yourself the only male in a predominantly female working group. You got it going, man. Lol


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