Phew.. finally its over…

Thankfully this week is over, finally.  Its been a maelstrom of activity – two client work sites, hand overs, reviews and piles of stuff to catch up with. The worst bits had to be the getting set up bits –  setting up remote access to my company email and network, new log on IDs and network access at the new place and all – plus there’s a first review in five weeks of stuff I was never involved in.

The week started off normally, with only a hint of the turmoil that was about to erupt. Monday was typically laid back – completed a review of the old project and got a list of action items for closure and jumped on them. By Wednesday things went ballistic – a meeting with a client turned into a firm commitment and a start date, and by Friday I was in place, getting orientations, building a transition plan with the bloke I’m replacing and all. Throw in lunch with a visiting friend on Thursday afternoon, the Technical Authority heading off on vacation for two weeks, me forgetting elMadre’s birthday, and having to review some documentation for a friend in the evenings, and it was a recipe for maxed out tiredness. Plus side though is I can get to laze around this weekend, and play Football Manager.. 🙂

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