What I Learned Since July 10, 2009..

What I learned since July 10, 2009

  1. The whole “every disappointment is a blessing” is cliche 9 times out of 10 – the one occasion it is not more than makes up for all the other times…
  2. Above a certain level of pay,  autonomy and a sense of truly contributing are the most important considerations for job satisfaction….. for me..
  3. People usually mean well when they try to commiserate – most of the time they just need to shut the fuck up.
  4. Brooke Fraser’s Shadowfeet is the coolest song ever….
  5. Every bloke needs a bizzle – the one chic who has the guts to give it to you straight from the hips ( no double etendre there). It’s always helpful to get your ego brought down a notch or two.
  6. The ladder theory works – however sad – blokes just need to get with the program.
  7. Female bosses are so not it – woe betide you if you have a Technical review when its that time of the month – red ink everywhere… sigh..

22 thoughts on “What I Learned Since July 10, 2009..

  1. Hmmm…I enjoyed this…and learned a couple of things…lol.
    But why do guys find it hard to just keep things at a "just friends" level??? Is it really that hard to do? *sigh*

    Every bloke needs a bizzle… Hmmm…off to be a bizzle to a certain sum1!
    How ya doing???


  2. @Miss Enigma – Haha.. Perhaps blokes are not designed to be 'just friends'.. I'm all right.. Taking each day as it comes o… 🙂
    @Tomi — LOL.. I met two today 😦


  3. aha RustGeek
    i have missed you oooo

    totally feeling you on the ShadowFeet song

    disappointment 9 out of 10 so true
    and the commiserators for real they just need to leave you be some times


  4. Welcome back! I did miss you and your links.

    Ladder theory – Just sucked 30mins of my life down a black hole, lol. The poor guy has a point…:):)

    Female bosses, time of the m0nth, red ink – imagery/word association brought a smirk to my lips..

    Have a lovely weekend dear.


  5. I'll check out that shadowfeet song when I grab some headphones.

    That "..every guy needs a bizzle.." remark is loaded with so much innuendo! Give it to ya straight from the hips, eh?!

    I've never heard about the Ladder Theory. Hmm…lemme go read up!


  6. Yay!!! The spirti moved!
    Yeah commiseration doesn't really work with me.
    No 2 story of my job only thing is i am no where near dat pay level
    May the spirit continue to move 😉


  7. @Taynement — True… And often they speak before they think too..
    @Seun B — LOL… Bizzle-away then..
    @Jaycee – Yup.. Brooke Fraser.. hmmm..
    @Kafo — Awww… thanks! Yes now… real red ink o..
    @Myne Whitman — Haha.. I thought the guy was sad at first.. but then he made loads of valid points…
    @Anyaposh — Haha.. fell free to read up on ladder theory.. No innuendos in the shooting form the hip thing o… all inferences are very safe for work..
    @SHE — Good for you.. currently share an office with a couple, and both bosses are also female.. sigh
    @ Scarlet — lol.. Amin ooo.. 🙂


  8. Feel u on #2 and #3…as for female bosses, the key is learning how to deal wit them to ensure "world peace"…works for me o…, holla if u need some tips


  9. @Jhazmyn — I shall be holla-ring pronto… 🙂
    @CaramelD — Ha.. I only referred to his theory.. Having said that within reason, I think he's right all the way! 🙂


  10. Had me a female boss just once. Twice a week, guaranteed dressing-down. Either find a way to hold your waistband firmly, or be as absorbent as possible. 🙂

    Shadowfeet's a pretty good song. I reckon you've mentioned before.


  11. @Rose – Yup – totally loved rocking the song..
    @Seye Kuyinu — hmm.. fingers crossed, waiting for your re-write then
    @Temite – I have all the evidence i need – no further proof required…


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