Busy as a bee….

I have been busy. I have spent the last couple of weeks up to my ears in work. No fault of mine – mind you – but yet another unusual turn of events has meant that I have been thrust into the eye of the storm at a new project. Needless to say, it is keeping with the over arching theme of my life – getting lucky breaks when i least expect them, or even deserve them. Two blokes overseeing proceedings on behalf of my firm at a prized client between them contrived to move on – one to pastures new, and the other to the ignominy of summary dismissal. I, the only available bloke, has thus been thrust in, in a moment, at the deep end. Truth be told, the tasks at hand are quotidian at best – ordinary run of the mill things that I in my field should be able to handle without batting an eyelid. The only dark cloud on the bright blue skies however is the sheer amount of paper work that yours truly has to sift through. There are mitigating circumstances – for the first time in seven years of slaving for various employers in three jobs and three continents, I am the only male member of a predominantly female work group. Truth be told, the ladies are fabulous to work with –  friendly, a wee bit too chatty, but great company all the same.  Throw in occasional gifts of a home made sandwich, and free lunch on the company and it is an excellent situation for my bachelor instincts.  All in all, it looks like it is shaping up to be a grand few weeks… and then we roll out the champagne..


To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish –

– Yiddish saying via Malcolm Gladwell

Second chances – clean sheets wiped clear from all the smudges, memories obliterated, people lost in the maelstrom of life – are great… If only they were as easy as Ctrl+Alt+Del…. Sigh.

Phew.. finally its over…

Thankfully this week is over, finally.  Its been a maelstrom of activity – two client work sites, hand overs, reviews and piles of stuff to catch up with. The worst bits had to be the getting set up bits –  setting up remote access to my company email and network, new log on IDs and network access at the new place and all – plus there’s a first review in five weeks of stuff I was never involved in.

The week started off normally, with only a hint of the turmoil that was about to erupt. Monday was typically laid back – completed a review of the old project and got a list of action items for closure and jumped on them. By Wednesday things went ballistic – a meeting with a client turned into a firm commitment and a start date, and by Friday I was in place, getting orientations, building a transition plan with the bloke I’m replacing and all. Throw in lunch with a visiting friend on Thursday afternoon, the Technical Authority heading off on vacation for two weeks, me forgetting elMadre’s birthday, and having to review some documentation for a friend in the evenings, and it was a recipe for maxed out tiredness. Plus side though is I can get to laze around this weekend, and play Football Manager.. 🙂

What I Learned Since July 10, 2009..

What I learned since July 10, 2009

  1. The whole “every disappointment is a blessing” is cliche 9 times out of 10 – the one occasion it is not more than makes up for all the other times…
  2. Above a certain level of pay,  autonomy and a sense of truly contributing are the most important considerations for job satisfaction….. for me..
  3. People usually mean well when they try to commiserate – most of the time they just need to shut the fuck up.
  4. Brooke Fraser’s Shadowfeet is the coolest song ever….
  5. Every bloke needs a bizzle – the one chic who has the guts to give it to you straight from the hips ( no double etendre there). It’s always helpful to get your ego brought down a notch or two.
  6. The ladder theory works – however sad – blokes just need to get with the program.
  7. Female bosses are so not it – woe betide you if you have a Technical review when its that time of the month – red ink everywhere… sigh..

Free Food’s great…

Free food is great, especially when you are a confirmed bachelor with an aversion for cooking. I’m sure if my pots and pans have a choice they would  vote to have me back in their next ‘lives’. Such is the ease  of their lives! Providence must have decided to be kind to me though, as a few hours after complaining of feeling listless I got a phone call from my work buddy O to head off to the beach. He and I have an inside joke where I hail him as my mentor and he says I’m much too old to be mentored by him, and considering the boring lives we lead, hanging out is always a plus. Fast forward a few hours and we head off to the beach where we go to this Chinese buffet thingy at Jimmy Chung. Two huge cokes, lamb ribs, some curried rice and soup later, we could belch with satisfaction at a great days work – all for nine pounds. I should definitely do this again!

Heatwave Dividends…

Twenty-six degree weather has its perks – especially when one has valid reasons to be within the city centre. Knee length skirts, low necklines, and the occasional sleeveless top are easy on the eye, if not downright encouraging to a mind beaten to senility by spreadsheets and excess coffee. After choosing the worst winter in 20 years to come up to the NorthEast, I can be forgiven for reveling in the warm – almost barmy – weather. Winter was mind numbing, depressing, tiring, and fun sapping. I really wouldn’t be bothered by the excess skin on display, but being stuck in a nearly all male working environment does things to the mind, especially when there is no relief valve to vent it out on in town. I’m so needing to get a holiday men – dang!