A blast of Nostalgia..

I miss the old days. Growing up on a University campus in Nigeria, books were my salvation and the BBC World Service was the information source. We didn’t have decent television (it was an archaic black and white National television set with aerials that never worked), didn’t have the internet, was the weird kid on the block, and generally stuck out like a sore thumb. I got my nose in books, the bulk of which were boring, ponderous, academic reads.

These days, I reach first for the internet, check my email countless times, listen to the same music over and over on my iPod, Tweet, faff around on Facebook and all… I fear it is reflecting in my listlessness these days.. Oh for the days when I was more informed about the world, and I could discuss intelligently on a range of topics…

Just how much of this is mere nostalgia…. or a sense of real loss I cannot tell.. 🙂