Spare me some nostalgia…

I think things tend to look either worse off or better off in retrospect.. There must be a technical term for that – like nostalgia bias, or retrospection bias or warreva… (Help me out one of you psychologists)… Bottom line is i think when we look back at the past, we either think its much better than it actually was, or much worse…. I just had such a moment.. Thankfully, Me the pragmatist won – eventually….. Blame insomnia, the wacky DJ over at Capital FM, and nostalgia….

11 thoughts on “Spare me some nostalgia…

  1. wow
    i have never heard a rapper that was British
    it sounds weird just listening to him rap.

    where do you come up with this stuff
    na wa ooooo


  2. Nowadays I look back and wish I was back in the past…back to the day of my innocence and look at the world with such childish heart and mind.


  3. Seen this video a couple weeks back and i love it, i love chipmunk anyways, he is so cute… as for nostalgia, hmmmm i tend not to go there at all


  4. I have feelings of nostalgia sometimes especially when I hear songs that I had listened to very frequently as a child. Sometimes, I cry (inwardly). Other times, I just wish things could be as simple as it was – even a little.


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