30 is the real cool…..


Despite what the preponderance of mid-life crises and suicides around the 30 year age bracket would suggest, 30’s the new cool – and that for a variety of reasons.

  • For starters, people take you serious by default. In your teens they know you’ll faff around, in your twenties they’ll assume you’re growing and the occasional gaffe can be excused. In your 30’s they actually believe you know what you are about until you goof. Ain’t that uber-cool?
  • You get pimped for free.Β  Depending on how far gone you are on the continuum, every one want to match make you. The best friend from University wants to hook you up with a niece, your cousins want to hitch you with friends and all that ish. Downside is it generally tends to rub you the wrong way – but hey who cares? They’re concerned.. That’s why!
  • All the unmarried chics from earlier on for whom you had crushes suddenly see you as a serious option especially if you have made good on the successΒ  your geekery promised as a precocious teenager. Chances are you’re so clueless around women that you do not have a baby mama in the background, which seems to be a huge plus these days..
  • Chances are you have a strand of gray hair here and there – and true to type if you wear glasses, you actually look cool (gasp). You, the sore-thumb-sticking-out-almost-worwor-bloke, suddenly has the desirable features of respectability.
  • Last but not the least, you actually have ten more years to play the fool – after all a fool at forty is a fool forever, but not before πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “30 is the real cool…..

  1. if it's your 30th birthday "Happy 30th".

    if not, what you said is true.
    I remember when My cousin turning 30 she was so excited afterwards as he says people now definitely takes her seriously and she in turn takes herself seriously!


  2. Its not your birthday is it? If it is Happy Birthday sir, wishing you the very best & many more blessings

    with that said, you are hilarious, lmao – i can only assume this is true


  3. hmmmm
    i guess 30 is cool if you are male
    if you are female and naija

    getting pimped must be cool cuz the leg work is no longer yours to do


  4. Lmbo at all these ur reasons hehehehe….so is it ur birthday? I'm guessing it probably is, Happy baiday!!! πŸ™‚ wishing u long life, good health, and prosperity Amen.
    How we go wash am?


  5. U gav me a good laff, man.
    I remember whn i just got into uni; used to b ignored as dis boy who always has his head inside some book n is rarely seen, then suddenly see as my levels change!
    Hope 30th is even better, lol.


  6. Hahahahahahahaha! @ Caramel ID
    You know now that you mention it…maybe I should start looking forward to thirty..even though I have a few years to go…HMMMMMMMM


  7. Those are the good things that come with getting older.
    On the other hand, when you are thirty, people expect you not to watch cartoons anymore…


  8. So true you know…especially that part about looking cool with some white strands and glasses…

    Lol at being pimped for free…i think that part gets tiring after a bit…


  9. ehn hen i was going to say i know u didnt just turn 30 cuz u mentioned it a while back when u did.
    would love to see the female version of this..lol


  10. Is everybody in blogsville (except RustGeek) under 30?!? Kai! I don old o… I now remember y I used to cyber stalk u *shysmile* e be lik say na de same worry dey worry we two! Lol!


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