30 is the real cool…..


Despite what the preponderance of mid-life crises and suicides around the 30 year age bracket would suggest, 30’s the new cool – and that for a variety of reasons.

  • For starters, people take you serious by default. In your teens they know you’ll faff around, in your twenties they’ll assume you’re growing and the occasional gaffe can be excused. In your 30’s they actually believe you know what you are about until you goof. Ain’t that uber-cool?
  • You get pimped for free.  Depending on how far gone you are on the continuum, every one want to match make you. The best friend from University wants to hook you up with a niece, your cousins want to hitch you with friends and all that ish. Downside is it generally tends to rub you the wrong way – but hey who cares? They’re concerned.. That’s why!
  • All the unmarried chics from earlier on for whom you had crushes suddenly see you as a serious option especially if you have made good on the success  your geekery promised as a precocious teenager. Chances are you’re so clueless around women that you do not have a baby mama in the background, which seems to be a huge plus these days..
  • Chances are you have a strand of gray hair here and there – and true to type if you wear glasses, you actually look cool (gasp). You, the sore-thumb-sticking-out-almost-worwor-bloke, suddenly has the desirable features of respectability.
  • Last but not the least, you actually have ten more years to play the fool – after all a fool at forty is a fool forever, but not before 🙂