Dodgy TV Adverts..

You know you need help –  from mindlessly watching TV – when TV ads start getting to you. In my defense, these two have to be up there with the worst ads I’ve ever seen! Enjoy..

I guess they work by catching one’s attention, even if only by irritating one..

22 thoughts on “Dodgy TV Adverts..

  1. the first one was …. weird

    the second one
    oh my word
    i couldn't stop laughing
    i hope this song we buy any car isn't stuck in my head when i get up

    the agent that recommended these go into production should be fired

    oh my word

    we buy any car !!!!


    • Yeah. They're real catchy. Just found out there's a video teaching the moves for the we buy any car ad sef..

      I've been good o.., life goes on na. How ya side too?


  2. Well, well, RustGeek. Nice to have you back putting up a post. I have wondered why your posts don't come up with greater frequency like in the days of dbthinks.wordpress. Perhaps you've started a very demanding job. The only reason I could think of was, did he eventually have the "radical surgery"? LOL
    I found the ads stupidly funny though. Thx for that


    • Lol… Why do I suspect I know who this is? I needed a break for a while… Plus yup i now have an office in plain view of the big boss. So omoboy has to demonstrate his 'seriousness' o… No radical surgery just yet… But who knows. Thx for stopping by..


  3. Lol….ok, in their defence, I have seen worse adverts, as dumb as these ones were…Office in view of the big boss ehn….sounds to me like a step in the general direction of bigger bucks…pls tell me I'm right 🙂


  4. @Neefemi – abi o.. won't make me use their services though..
    @Jhazymn — lol.. only in title o.. no money attached o…….
    @Jaycee — LOL.. Feel free o..


  5. lol…@ least now I know there's nothing wrong with me/my sense of humour…I do find both ads irritatingly annoying, but I also sometimes catch myself singing both songs, esp. that "we buy any car"…


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  7. The GO COMPARE ads have always been so bad, and they are steadily getting worse. i genuinely hate them.

    We can buy any car…first time I watched it I just sat there open mouthed. But it is kinna catchy…


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