An epilogue of sorts……

I have begun dreaming of things best left unsaid, things best left to gently slide into oblivion far beyond the edge of consciousness. Here there are voices, and fleeting faces, floating by as though swimming in some nebulous unseen ether. I would blame malaria or the slew of unknown brews at Dame Hayatou’s, but these are things I have seen in the flesh –  less the twisting, less the turning in the dead of night and the turmoil that brings them back to mind. These are the memories of a not so distant past, of what-ifs and maybes and could-haves blatantly refusing to accept the cold hard facts..

She says the world is neither black nor white but sketched in different shades of gray, I think it is etched in black and white and filled in with different shades of gray.

Word for word,
we beat the love
out of each other.

Yusef Komunyakaa (Once the dream begins)

There will yet be more words…..

20 thoughts on “An epilogue of sorts……

  1. I sorry for you o!
    The more I read, the more confuse wan catch me.
    I like the quote though, and I feel you, some thoguhts just dont go away , esp the what ifs, maybe I should haves, If I had etc….but what can one do? Life happens!


  2. @BBB Sometimes? make that all the time.
    Uncle Danny, we are confused o.

    And no I think the world is full of nothingness with colors that we chose filled in.

    (Now THAT is a load of bullcrap. but I believe it. lmao!)

    Ok Im going…


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