13 thoughts on “Get your ‘Pee’ on..

  1. Interesting! I grew up among some people who believed it ok to drink urine for medicinal purposes. Urgh! Never tasted it though – at least not deliberately.

    I know people who can swear about its efficacy in curing certain ailments. I think it's up to the drinker.


  2. eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

    i thot i heard that drinking pee will kill you cos u d be drinking toxins and chemicals that ur body fed out, ud just massacre ur kidney


  3. i really don't care who drank or drinks pee…all i know is that I scarlet will not be indulging in that!! Any body fluids that makes it way out should stay out. That is my story and i'm sticking with it!


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