The association of married and pregnant women holds its meetings twice a week. I don’t have a problem with that, except for the minor fact that they unfailingly decide to set up camp across the room from my pod at work. No, my character has not being impugned in any way – I am neither responsible, nor even remotely implicated, but their choice of venue riles me…

The topics covered are varied, but time after time they settle on being pregnant and being hot…… They can be excused – the oldest of them is twenty-six and they’re all first timers.. looking to work as long as possible before they hit the motherhood trail…. For the hour they meet, all we get to hear is trimesters, weight gain, gym routines for pregnant women… and a whole slew of designers I’ve never heard of…

If only, we had not gone ‘open plan’, I’d simply have shut my door and spared my ears the trouble….. God dey o!

28 thoughts on “Help…..

  1. Aww Mr Bagguci! Its good preperation for when your time comes. You would be powered with all this (free) knowledge about marriage and pregnancy, wifey has to be impressed. Start taking notes!

    LOL! Poor you!


  2. Ms O took the words right out of my mouth…I understand ur plight, but c this as a learning opportunity…with whatever u pick up, u just might be able to score good points with ur wifey when the time comes…enjoy!



    I dont want to laugh but ….LMAO!

    But u know, you should take them cookies, or drinks or something next time. Be their friend.

    LMAO! Trimesters and weight gain. loool


  4. lol I was going to say the same thing as Ms. O and it seems most of us were thinking the same thing.

    Alternatively, you can invest in some good noise cancelling headphones and drown out the noises that way…


  5. LMAO…something tells me ur not going to get so much sympathy from blogville…LOL…what can i say?…earplugs sound like a good idea as Myne suggested


  6. Which kain yeye learning opportunity? Abeg jare…me sef all that kain talk dey vex me sometimes. Like sheesh give it a rest.

    I'm with Myne on this one. Get some superduper headphones. I go donate to the fund sef 🙂


  7. LOL…Jeez I feel for you. Office chit chat can be annoying but the best way is to start your own chitchat routine with a few pals you work with…talk about basketball brackets….or fantasy football or baseball…it drives women nuts!


  8. I am so torn between being compassionate and bursting into evil female laughter. I'll stick with compassion as I have just been subjected to listening to a colleague's loud 25 min conversation on the phone. Headphones all the way.

    PS You do know though that when your Halle Berry looking, akara making Queen becomes pregnant you will remember this post and wished you had listened to those women more often right?


  9. Oh well, I must have been delusional to think I would get some sympathy sha o… I shall survive..Oh and I scared them off with gist of the anti-climax that was Man Ud v Bayern Munich 🙂


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