The ‘Case’ for Smoking and Drinking…

I have a theory…. The world would be a much better place if everybody smoked and drank together..

This is a finding that cuts across age, race and location… I have found it true – based on anecdotal evidence mind you. I have not quite acquired the cross gender data yet… but I suspect it still holds true….

The proof? The way people’s eyes light up when they share a smoke…You can almost feel the electricity of bonding as they exhale in unison.. The smoke from their nostrils blending into an upward swirl… especially if it is a shared stick… Or more.. The sense of fully belonging when beer bottles lose their contents… Men are never more equal than before the bottle… Stories of hurt, of pain overcome and of success unlimited are swapped with reckless abandon under the inebriation the lager induces…. I suspect people would trust their smoke buddies more than their priest..and given the news continuously breaking, I wouldn’t begrudge them the lager…

I still don’t smoke or drink.. yet.. Maybe when I feel the world needs saving in my own little way… I’ll start 🙂

19 thoughts on “The ‘Case’ for Smoking and Drinking…

  1. lol..
    its true..they ooze that…"we belong together" thing when smoking together..
    as for it saving the world..we both know its 1 step forward and 400 backwards.. lwkmd…


  2. i wish i could say things as succinctly as you do *sighs* – i totally see your point although it totally implies to men i think….women just need a bowl of icecream, lol.


  3. Baggucci are you looking for an excuse to drink and smoke? IMO i dont feel the world would be a better place if we drank together. Remember alcohol lowers inhibitions… before you know it;

    The Americans will be insulting the British
    The British will insult the pakistanis
    The Pakistanis will remind the Indians of the civil unrest of decades ago
    The Native Americans will remind the caucasian americans of their yeye manifest destiny
    And dont get me started on African Americas
    Or the Nigerians and the South Africans

    ….simply put…the global bar should get ready for a drunken fight.



  4. I've been MIA for a while, but I'd forgotten how much I love ur writing!

    Smoking and drinking can be fun, but it can also b a slippery slope of the worst kind


  5. Don't forget the part of "the world having lung cancer and kidney problems together."

    And then, the doctors will all die too, and the smiles may turn into sad frowns.

    LOL @ your theory. Oh, like Neefemi said…I love the way you put things so succintly…I'm learning.


  6. @Simeone — Yes o.. you would think they had no problems as they puff into the sky..
    @Neefemi — Lol.. Thanks.. 🙂
    @Spesh — Abi O.. They tried to snag me by using the Lighthouse family song on a B&H advert back in the 90's.. God pass them…
    @Tatababe — Yup.. I really think so..
    @lucililith — Hmm.. valid points… but I'm sticking with my original plan to save the world..
    @Harry – Yup.. I think so too


  7. @2cute4u — True.. Not worth it in the long run..
    @Nsoronma — Its mutual.. 🙂
    @Kay9 — off to meet my GP.. It must have been induced by the extra bright sinshine..
    @Myne Whitman — LOL.. Norrin doing..
    @SHE — Hmm.. at least we'll be buring the world together I think..
    @Caramel Delight — It's my little contribution o.. Lemme o!
    @funkola — one bottle at a time..
    @Jaycee — LOL.. Nothing this side of heaven comes without side effects… For world peace, it might be worth a try 🙂 Thanks!


  8. Sigh, the way your mind works ehn?! Lol…although I think its more than just a sense of belonging, it being a clandestine activity (esp smoking) adds to the appeal. But once everyone takes this up, a new clandestine activity will come up – humans and their need for exclusivity *shakes fist*


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