If wishes were horses

If wishes were horses… I’d be out playing golf at the moment; not crunching numbers and telling lies giving expert advice to clients. This glorious sunshine is simply begging for a game of golf!

Sadly, I am neither kith nor kin to Dangote nor to Mutallab Snr; and my dear father (bless his overly patriotic heart) turned down the offer of a tenure at Bristol back in the day 😦

There is also the small matter of the grossly incompetent fairy godmother; who has consistently failed to deliver the lottery numbers.

Infact dear fairy godmother you’re fired! And on your way out, kindly take santa along. I have no further use for you lot!

30 thoughts on “If wishes were horses

  1. kai, u no serious o. is there any particular reason all these thots r cancelled??? u no dey think dem again??? sef, u don play golf b4. or na 4 ur mind u know say today 4 good 4 golf?


  2. lol…i feel u DB.. I have sacked Santa since…never knew I had a fairy Godmother…that one na long story..
    DB…its been a minute…sup mate?


  3. LOL!

    How long did it take you before you decided to kill all those silly fantasies?

    I feel you. I killed the santa dream long before I was 15 years old. I felt it was the nastiest way to deceive a kid that he existed.


  4. Hehehehe Expert advice..that's what consultants do right? *Tongue in cheek*

    Thak God someone else has seen what a fraud Fairy GodMum is…Before you put her out, Tell her that if i catch her anywhere close to my "domot"..I will commit FairyGodMothercide.


  5. @fragilelooks — Hmm. Good day? More like green eyed day o.. πŸ™‚
    @dante — this man! your brake light don scarce pass snow for Niger Republic o..
    @Dee – The fairy godmother's been fired…
    @neefemi – nah.. its the last chance, they've blown.. Need to realize they can't be trusted.. πŸ™‚
    @JustDoyin – Yelz o.. Jesus dey o..
    @Harry – Couldn't agree more mate..
    @She – LOL.. In which case I'll just ignore her..


  6. @Myne Whitman – For one they can make everybody buy your book.. Where they are? I dunno.. Just fired mine… Can give you their email address though.. πŸ™‚
    @Taynement – LOL.. Not lying per se but.. You get the drift I'm sure..
    @RepressedOne — No o.. Have been managing them since o.. They just committed the ultimate faux pas
    @BBB — LOL.. U never know.. Your's might be more dedicated to duty than mine you know..
    @Kush — Chei.. You harsh o.. Since.. LOL
    @funms-d-rebirth — lol.. true.. the lies give us money in the bank.. and hope that we can play golf forever in the sun….Not.


  7. @lani — true words mate… got to get on with it..
    @Rose – The bloke's just sthng else..
    @Ms.O – Sadly, they are not.. else a few other things might be in the pocket by now..
    @kay9 – lol.. that might be a good thig – re: Santa's blackbook…
    @Bdon – thx mate..
    @Aeedeeaee – LOL..@ fairygodmothericide… Easy o.. the walls have ears.. πŸ™‚
    @Azazel — πŸ™‚
    @BSNC – Now I have fired them too o..

    Thanks peeps.. Trust you had at least a half decent weekend or better..


  8. LOL @ grossly incompetent fairy godmadre! I always wondered why she failed to deliver, and why my teardrops never made her appear magically, by fire, by force! I know what you mean, if I could wish upon a star; i'd be whisked away to a place without work, pain or suffering! I'm so bored with reality.


  9. srsly dude…no doubt abt ur first try..ll go to HOD 2marroo….n ask him to return ur all fees u had paid…so tht u can gt money n concentrate on ur stuff…ur stuff….ohhhh..soory ll nt go..otherwise he ll kicked me out clg…..well jokes apart..this is really a NICE SHIT!!!!……keep ur head up!


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