The formula for a perfect wife..

A bride should be five years younger than her groom, should come from the same cultural background, and be the more intelligent of the pair if couples are to have a successful marriage, scientists have announced.

Apparently the critical difference in intelligence is 27%… leading to a 20% increase in the probability of a good marriage. Perhaps eHarmony can include these critical findings in their much vaunted Compatibility algorithm. I have already included them in my spreadsheet!

HT : The Daily Telegraph

33 thoughts on “The formula for a perfect wife..

  1. I thot it ws some formula that'd send me to the lab and make me highly desirable and guarantee my being married this year.
    Nonetheless, I've been enlightened. Off to find 30yr old, non-genius yoruba men:))


  2. Where did u whip this formula from and LMAO at Funkola…i totally default on all criteria (apart from being the smarter one…lol, he musnt ever read this)and we're doing pretty good if i must say o…where do these scientists come from


  3. Lmao! i'm not surprised at the "should be at least 27% more intelligent than the man". it's the only way we can take most of the things men dish lol *No man basher, me*

    Well, i guess i'm the right sex, ey? *Yikes* hahaahaha


  4. And here I wanted a guy who was closer in age to me than five years! I better take this to heart and I'll be married in no time!


  5. This is funny, but I think its true….I dont know about the 5 years age difference though
    Na wa for you sef, where you see this one again. Baguci don come again

    How are you doing?


  6. its true though! I know guys who date women either much younger, or much older…people of the same age tend to fight more. Either way all these dating tests are scams…the only site that worked for me at least was because it was video based…but then again I am pretty hot. 🙂


  7. 5 years and still smarter than her husband
    hmmm what does this tell us about men?

    i really don't know but it basically seems that the woman should be younger wear the pants and yet allow him the older by five years to think that he has it together

    i really don't know


  8. Hmm…ok, this is doable. Maybe I should just get back with my Ex for this one. He was older & way dumber than me. Calculating that 27% bit would be hard sha. Like how could anyone possibly calculate their general intelligence in comparison to someone else in percentages??!


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