On Life…

I suspect…….

…… that beyond all the rhetoric; behind the superfluous arguments, the cynical barbs and the seemingly pragmatic fronts we put up; at its most prosaic, life is about the desire for acceptance, the illusion of autonomy and an ineluctable gravitation towards the certainty that safety brings – And we want to love, and be loved, inspite of our protestations to the contrary.


18 thoughts on “On Life…

  1. i totally agree, i know for sure that i want to love and be loved, but in due time, @ the right time – acceptance not so much, if you do good, it comes naturally innit…lol @ the illusion of autonomy, would prefer more the reality of it

    live it to you to have the right words, succinctly and using big words too, i like

    shouldn't you be asleep, get some rest Danny 🙂


  2. "We want to love, and be loved, in spite of our protestations to the contrary."

    I guess that's where this quote also stems from, "No man is an island." When it all boils down to it, we need each other.


  3. Inspite of the big words:-) (hee hee hee I will always hound you on that!)…they are all true words.
    Who ever argues "protests to the contrary" on loving and being loved is a big fat liar!!!lol


  4. I remember when i was 9 and my parents moved down from Maiduguri (northern Nigeria) to Onitsha (east), and i was the new kid in the block… i think that's when i first became acquainted with solitude.


  5. want to be loved? yes
    want to be accepted? hmmm
    can you have one without the other
    and to what extent does this love propagate itself in my everyday life



  6. I totally agree. We all desire to share our lives with people who love us. You can reach all the milestones in the world, accomplish all your goals, but if you have no one to share it with it's as if you didn't do them.

    No man is an island abi?


  7. Oi..you look at you being all philosophical. I usually keep these comments to myself for fear of rejection on blogsville; that I may not appear too deep or intellectual. So yes, I sigh as well.


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