Weekend Randoms…

And I am learning to say no
I let out in the night
A bitter or a hopeful voice

– Montserrat Abello

I’m currently reading “Dance the Guns to Silence” a collection of one hundred poems in memory of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni 8. So far so good, but the poem I like the most is ‘And I am Learning to Say No’ (from which the above quote comes) by Montserrat Abello – its short, simple, resigned and dare I say quietly defiant – which is how I like poems :). I found, thanks to google, some other works by her here. Perhaps I am drawn to it because in many ways toughening up, learning to say no to people, is one of the major failings I think I have had in my life.

I have the burden priviledge of sharing an office with a couple of Nigerian blokes at work . Inevitably, our lunch break discourses turn to Nigeria – issues, future plans and matters arising. The other day, the subject of patriotism came up – and I argued that in the main, the Nigerian problem is firmly rooted in the allegiance to personal pockets, family, ethnicity, state and only then the country. Quite a few of the blokes have great ideas – I only hope the ideas persist. I think Chxta dropped some useful food for thought on NEXT on the subject a few weeks back now.

I’m intriuged by the definition of BLACK. Have been for a while – since the news of the first black player to play for Athletic Bilbao first team broke late in December of 2009. The bloke is Jonas Ralmaho – he’s also the youngest player in the first team, so he must be some prodigy. Growing up all those many years ago, there was ‘us’, and the others – any one who was not totally black was different – celebrated and accepted but still different… My Question – Is being black the absence of any non- african blood, or the presence of even the slightest pigementation derived from African genes? Or is it a fluid definition – dependent on context?

Still on the subject of football – Javier Mascherano came out in the papers to insist he would never  move to Manchester City.  Considering the same bloke wanted to escape to Barcelona in the summer  – I’d say he should keep his lips zipped and perform on the field. After ‘we’ rescued his career from the doldrums at West Ham, the least he can do is keep faith with ‘us’.  His take:

Here, we play with the history of the club behind us. We don’t have their money but we are proud to play for Liverpool. I know that they have the money and they are building a good side but I am still so proud to play for Liverpool.

Yeah right, except its Barcelona! Bollocks I’d say!

Is NITEL sold or not? And if it was, does a Chinese company have a hand in it? Seems to me that a lot of assets in Africa are being purloined bought by the Chinese. Allied to their economic growth rate and all that – might we have a new world order in our lifetimes yet? The folks over at the Financial Times suspect the numbers do not add up. I say, let those in charge clarify o….

I think buses – and trains –  are the best places to know a lot about people; next  to living with them 24/7. Maybe its something about the anonymity – but I find that quite a few louts typically exercise their worst behaviour on buses – like putting their wet, snow covered feet on seats, like playing music very loud (it’s cool that you have all the songs in the UK top 40 or whatever on your iPod – but I don’t want to know – thank you very much), like chatting and swearing very loudly – and being very in your face. Perhaps my thresholds are too low… I dunno.

The last post was a poem – just a poem.. Based on what Mother said long ago – So long ago that the events that led to it are now the subject of legend and friendly sibling yabs! 🙂 Thanks for commiserating anyways!

20 thoughts on “Weekend Randoms…

  1. lol.. NEPA is now Power holding, I for one don't understand what the takeover or whatever it is they agreed on is. This black issue is one that i find silly/wonder, so now blacks have different types and classes uh? funny indeed.


  2. lol.. NEPA is now Power holding, I for one don't understand what the takeover or whatever it is they agreed on is. This black issue is one that i find silly/wonder, so now blacks have different types and classes uh? funny indeed.I need to discuss an issue with you..
    waiting to hear from you.. <a href="http://www.askchacha4free.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://www.askchacha4free.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>www.askchacha4free.blogspot.com


  3. @funkola — the Abello poem just grabbed me with its simplicity…. 🙂
    @Neefemi — LOL.. Now you know I do random poems… your definition isn't too all encompassing?
    @2cute4u – emailed you already….


  4. i beleive the asians are takin over..faster than anyone wants to believe..
    n w o..? i wont bet against it..
    i was thinkin puttin ur feet on seats was like cream with your coffee..until i saw where it was written on the train…so i concluded they were just being their crude selves..


  5. I'm sure you have heard of the one-drop rule? That is what being black constitutes for most Caucasians and was official at a point. Jonas does not look black one bit.

    Nice collection of Randoms…


  6. Yea the Chinese are definitely taking over…i really do fear for what might become of naija :(.

    I've often heard/its often implied that a speck of black…makes you black.


  7. My uncle works (or is it now "used to work"?) for Nitel; he hasn't received salaries for almost a year now. Whatever they're doing, they'd better have something for the unpaid staff.

    Lemme go check out Abello shaa…


  8. This surely a random post.
    I always feel like slapping people who play their music so loud, worse is those who sing aloud with their frogy like voice. But one sure meets some cool people on the bus.


  9. I've been wondering what the stand with NITEL is too. In buses, I think it's just bad habits manifesting in earnest! lol! ..sounds like quite an engaging book.


  10. @leggy — cool.. poems are the real ish.. 🙂
    @simeone — lol.. no let them gbab u o..
    @Myne Whitman — lol.. perhaps we too need to define our own one drop rule..
    @Blogoratti — Yup.. the balance of power is slowly shifting – or has shifted..
    @Tomi — lol.. I hear in Tanzania, the Chinese are the preferred blokes to date o..


  11. @Taynement — lol.. apparently they still do..
    @RepressedOne — Perhaps we too need to take over
    @Kay9 – Abello is the ish mehn.. Ahn, hopefully they'll sort out your uncle's money
    @solomonsydelle — lol.. i think i already won it.. thx 🙂
    @Miss Kikky — lol.. at least I'm not alone
    @Aloofar — Me too
    @Rose — Real bad habits mehn… Quite a book I'd say..


  12. totally random post… would definately qualify as "flight of ideas" in psychiatric talk ( not that i'm implying anything o!)
    Some times i just wanna smack people on the bus… but nowadays all u can do is grin and bear it *sigh*


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