Random musings…

So John Terry lost the England football captaincy – strange to me considering the quite public exploits of Sven Goran Ericksson and Mark Pallios back in the day; the recent activities of Avram Grant and the fact that none of the names being touted as Terry replacements have covered themselves in glory in the past.  He should simply have listened to the Vera show – and stayed off the friend’s ex… The bloke in the pod next to mine at work says footballers count money in millions of pounds and sense in pence.. Haterade maybe.. But this list of top ten gaffes makes an intriguing read..

Sat behind two naija blokes on the bus to work on Friday… Couldn’t help over hearing them talk about their women issues..Mine defo pale in significance… One ‘imported’ a wife from home and three months in, all she wants to do is hit the pubs every evening…..Surely,  this is only one side of the story?

Gladwell says there’s a 10,000 hour rule – a minimum amount of time irrespective of innate ability – required to gain mastery of something. He points to the examples of the Beattles, Bill Gates, Bill Joy and the like…. I wonder if there is an equvalent rule in forgetting someone.. .. to erase their memory from your mind…..Maybe a 90 day rule?

I’m officially retiring my BB.. Kid sister wants it… and I think I’m sooo over it… They have to be the most overated devices.. next to the iPhone. 🙂

I stumbled on my old ZoeGirl collection whilst mindlessly trawling my mp3 collection..(the band broke up 😦 ) They used to be my favourite Christian girl band back in the day.. alongside Point of Grace…It felt great to hear Dismissed again…. brought back memories….and lots of head bobbing.. in lieu of dancing…

I think serious work – which is great cos it pays the bills –  is stifling my pretend writing.. I’ve been stuck on four lines of a poem for the past month… The last thing I wrote seriously was in October.. #notgood! I shall write.. whether the Devil Mama Charlie likes it or not…

Feeling lonely? There’s two solutions available – a fembot (which will set you back a few thousand quid) or a boyfriend pillow (which is considerably cheaper). There’s loads of benefits – no smelly socks, no long hours watching football, no PMSing, — u get my drift…..

Oh.. and 30’s the new cool… whatever we might say to the contrary when we are more sober….

20 thoughts on “Random musings…

  1. First Woods now Terry..hmmmn.
    Good thing retiring the bb, hope your 90 day rule works on that one 🙂

    Write more you(we)shall…no excuse whatsoever.
    And no-i have no lonely feelings. Fembot? As in seriously??

    I thought 40's the new cool. I'm just saying…


  2. Regardless of his footie skills, I am in FULL support of Terry losing the captain's band – your best friend's baby mama?! And I thought guys were big on loyalty! In 2010, people either stop cheating (impossicant) or get smarter.

    Lol @ "imported wife"…dat she's fresh off the boat is no guarantee dat she'll be better dan d ones here – d faster pple realise this, d better

    I can't understand how u r over ur bb, I'm addicted to mine! Never been a fan of Apple, so all d iProducts never did it for me

    30s is the new 20s! Lol, so you r sorted…and regards d 90 day rule, 90 days is too much sef…just 2 weekends remembering all the BAD points of dat person, will sort that out!

    Omg, dis my own comment na post o! Sorry! 🙂


  3. am i missing something?? is there a code against talking to ur friends ex among guys too? very stupid still…r u kidding??? will die without my bb o….U can't ever forget someone or erase them from your mind, u can repress ur memories involving them tho and in time they become irrelevant and ewwww to the solutions for being lonely, i will rather by a dog 🙂


  4. i love 2 hear men bitch abt women! lol. i really tot u'd bitch abt what those dudes were bitching abt!

    Am not quite n support of John Terry being stripped of his captain-ship.


  5. @blogoratti — lol.. hope it works too.. although the withdrawal symptoms are already in effect 😦
    @Harry — yeah, I guess..
    @AJ – LOL.. You know what I think on the subject, re: JT.. Nuff said!'Importation' – i guess there are risks to every operation.. 2 weekends? LOL.. u need to patent your method mehn.. that's uber fast..
    @Rita — Yelz o.. So much info around – if only he listened.. LOL @ what's really taking my time.. Def not twitter, and not human beings…..
    @Nice Anon – JT should at least have played away with some discretion…But the babe tap gaan… I can
    understand why the flesh would have been weak dia!
    @Neefemi – LOL.. Dunno about a code.. But it can definitely get messy……Re: buy a dog – comes with poop and attention, the pillow is er…. just a pillow – no extras involved..
    @FFF — LOL.. Nah.. not bitch – just commiserating with the bloke.. Well, I suspect JT might get it back – once the furore has blown over.. I dunno..
    @Miss Kikky — LOL.. Some support on giving out the BB.. Just heard that you never forget them.. Just replace them.. and that they go away with a part of you forever.. soo not good..
    @Jaycee — ZoeGirl was cool.. Liked their sound.. Sad that they broke up.. tho i hear some bits of them are hooking up again..
    @Justdoyin — yeah – just a whole lot busier.. and managing several transitions.. Possibly need to get some more discipline too.. 🙂


  6. lol! At the bloke in the next pod…partly true…but on second thought these athletes are stacking up dirty laundry big time! Not good. Could've bet 26 and three quarters was the new cool! 🙂


  7. So you're 30 now?

    Interesting to get to hear the guy's side of the story. All I ever hear is the ladies' side.

    But I was just beginning to get into the BB hype!


  8. @tunrayo — same here.. still do!
    @solomosydelle — lol… na so the bros see am o.. I shall discipline myself.. writing must happen..
    @Rose — LOL.. them atheletes can afford to misbehave, that's my take… LOL @ 26 and three quarters.. where did thagt number come from?
    @Enkay — LOL.. I shall not rain on your parade.. I'm just so over it though…


  9. lol@ import wife…i always snicker when i hear of the wahala these imported wives have become…mean, i know!

    Boyfriend pillow, kwa? That will not do oh!

    …30 is whatever you make it jare…20/new cool/30/groove back etc lol


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