Living Dangerously…

Talent is the desire to practice…..It is that you love something so much that you are willing to make an enormous sacrifice and an enormous commitment to that, whatever it is — task, game, sport, what have you.

Malcom Gladwell

Last year I closed out a fair bit of my plans – at least I was waaay above the average 12%. This year, I decided I would only do one thing – Live Dangerously.

Contrary to SisiBola’s expectations,  I am not heading out on a tour of duty to Iraq, or learning how not to use underwear, or packing my bags and running off to some exotic island with Halle Berry (IF she offers it, I’d be jumping, thank you very much!).  I am merely deciding to do things differently – plan less, reflect less, analyze less and DO more!

The hardest lesson I have had to learn on the Journey is that above a minimum level of planning and detail, the incremental safety is illusionary and counts for nothing. That goes against my grain!

So here I am, an intrepid bird-man, tottering on the edge…… and jumping off….

19 thoughts on “Living Dangerously…

  1. Not sure how I feel about this, bros.

    I'm the polar opposite of the risk taker, and so the thot of you jumping off the edge increases my HR a bit. Like someone said, don't forget your parachute. All the best and Happy new year.

    Your 'Niece' is doing excellent! looking more and more like you. 😀


  2. @kay9 – hopefully… give or take a few broken bones I guess! Been a whiles bruv!
    @Azazel – Thanks!
    @No Limit — LOL.. Surely I am not 'anti-social' too?
    @RepressedOne — LOL.. Hopefully I survive it.. and live to tell the tale of The Jump!
    @AJ — Hopefully, there are thrills.. and not just broken bones and shattered heartd.. 🙂


  3. @Jaycee – Yes o.. Yay to expanding the limits of what's possible!
    @Neefemi — LOL.. Anytime!
    @SHE – Yup.. Hope so too…
    @Kafo — Yup.. very well put – they are on different planets.. more like different galaxies sef
    @jhazmyn — lol.. not enough time to fall back on this one… Jumping already…


  4. @ fabulo-la — true talk.. Plan B should be in the oven cooking…
    @Rene — LOL.. Me too — going forward..
    @Nefertiti — 🙂 No be bungee jumping o.. Calculated risks (oxymoron I know), taking steps.. doing more versus fine tuning already solid plans.. LOl @ she's looking like me, make she sef no jump o!
    @Miss kikky — Thanks.. I hope so too
    @Enkay — Yup.. Bare bones plan.. But somewhere to start from I guess…

    Thanks peeps!


  5. Life is too short to be lived hiding behind the door wondering if this is the day death comes visiting……. Live the life!


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