I had forgotten how to sing,
Blame fear, blame pain, blame sorrow deep within;

I’ve had these two lines in my head all week. I might have read them somewhere…. Or they might be the opening lines of a poem I have to write…. the first salvo fired by my dark and weary muse….

I once thought I was doing very well in my attempt to understand women folk – clearly I was reading from the wrong manual…. Doesn’t help that this bloke has been out of action for over a year….nearly two in truth! That was some ill – advised move I tell you……

Jesus said to forgive our brother seventy times seven times…. After  how many times does a failure to fulfill a promise to ‘call you back’ eventually consitute a tacit recommendation for you to scram from the scene?

Currently reading Chris Abani’s Becoming Abigail… I love the way he takes pain, takes sorrow and weaves it into a coherent whole… that, I find intriguing…

On the subject of work, open plan offices suck! I hate the fact that I am unable to shut my door and sleeeeep away when I want .. or snack on some well made banga soup from a flask, while keeping an eye on my computer…

Contrary to popular belief, I have my off days.. days when I doubt my ability..days when I am afraid, day when words get stuck in my throat and I pine away……I’ve had more than a few in the last year….. I’m getting stronger.. everyday – my current favorite song.. bar Miley Cyrus’s  – The Climb… .. I know, its so not Macho!!! Blame x-factor……..and Joe McElderry

I am officially an uncle again – cute little bloke – not seen him yet as usual… this Christmas, by fire by force, I will….

Dang… falentine is coming again o.. and the facebook people have started o.. Last year, I got an anonymous text… this year, if una try am, I go shoot persin o!!!!!!!

I think, the whole webexperience is losing its attraction for me…. I’ve not been on facebook in a bit… I barely keep up appearances on twitter these days……and i deleted my old chat email…. No I’m not PMSing (blokes don’t do that!).. Just whimsical….. in a quirky way…

My friend asked me a question — too lazy to think seriously about it…

Is it enough to do the right thing, or must we also do it for the right reasons?

24 thoughts on “Randoms….

  1. I read Becoming Abigail, it was slim so I finished it but too depressing for my liking. I guess it suits the mood you say you're in. Valentine is coming YAY!! LOL…snap out of your PMS OK?


  2. Life itself is more interesting when we're whimsical. I think doing the same thing every single day gets really old. Innovation is the key to having a great life.

    It is not just enough to do the right thing, it is great when we do the right thing for the right reasons. We could do the right thing for the wrong reasons, it just won't be harmful because its the right thing.


  3. wow! Many trains of thought to follow, difficult to know which to address, I agree with NoLimit o!
    Open offices- a necessary evil methinks.
    Congratulations on your nephews arrival!
    On the last question, its not enough just to do the right thing, motives MUST play a role, though being human that is a big struggle!


  4. Congratulations on achieving unclehood once again! Your nephew will be walking by the the time you meet him in person for the first time…kids grow up so fast! I'm sure you'll receive regular pictures.

    It sounds like you have a lot on your mind…


  5. the answer to your question is no…sometimes its enough to do the right thing, even though its for a selfish reason for example…its simply enough that you do the right thing

    I don't think you are PMSing ….you are self analyzing as you often do…. i had seen the line on your twitter and thot it was deep….

    no action being no sex or just not dating… either ways we in the same boat

    p.s….i love that song, she sung it well


  6. the right reasons
    to the people down here it doesn't matter unless they find out

    but for God it is the reasons not the actions that matter


  7. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. New life is an amazing thing….Becoming Abigail is a great book..thoroughly enjoyed it though it's a bit depressing..I guess what's important firstly is doing the right thing…


  8. U're not PMSing jare….this is randomity at it's finest! It's actually good to read a guy random…

    I'll be sure to send you an anonymous txt on falatines day 🙂


  9. what a deep question…I tend to believe in doing the right thing, and at the right time, but acknowledge that the results might not be what one expected. I especially believe in doing the right thing for the right reason, because to do otherwise will make it harder to deal with the outcome, especially if it is negative.

    Anyway, congrats on being an uncle!


  10. Sometimes doing the right thing is enough but when the right thing would seemingly lead to some really enormous complicated implications, then doing the right thing begs for a right reason.


  11. That's exactly the whole idea of open plan office! so that you don't do those things. we are there for one reaon only to work! but really sometimes a good dozing away from preying eyes can be a relive.

    Nice post


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