(Almost) the first week

One week in and its already shaping up to be a hard long slog….Our honeymoon lasted exactly 4 hours and then it was me being thrust into the deep end…. Sub zero temperatures – the coldest winter in Scotland in fifty years – and a role that seems so much like a continuation of the one that I fled all those months ago – only more intense, only less margin for error.

I thought resolving my God issues was one of the focus areas for 2010 – this is it. I am forced to accept that I am human, that there are limits to my capabilities, that I need super human effort sometimes. Perhaps there is some redemption after all…..

4 thoughts on “(Almost) the first week

  1. Taynement Thank you o jare! Survived it eventually! Myne Whitman Currently in Aberdeen. Depending on when you were last in Edinburgh, we might have mutual acquaintances there.Rose Warm is it. I tell you! Thanks.


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