Christmas was ok.. It was WHITE at the third time of asking- wish I took pictures of me trying to move around in knee deep snow. Got invited out to a bash by the guys where there was a wee bit too much alcohol. That is guaranteed to loosen up a few tongues – and I heard a lot about certain people I shouldn’t have heard! Thankfully I’m out of here in a bit, so I can forget I ever heard those things.

I finally burnt the stash of things, I did try one last time to talk but the conversation was forced, almost alien. Clearly I’ve had my nose in the wrong cloud all this while. We lose some and we win some, that keeps life moving..

Something about Christmas makes people want to be on their best behaviour – I got a call from an old friend, and it was almost like the old days.

The work folks want me to start in January. A project came up that they require extra hands for. So much for my lounging till February. In a way it’s good though, because boredom was already doing things to my mind!

I like the Taking stock thing. I think it will be a great way to measure what progress, if any, I have made on resolving the issues that spawned my mid life crisis.

3 thoughts on “Randoms….

  1. lol i know what you mean about starting in january, yea you wanna work so bad but at the same time it's like I still wanna lounge! LOL@ your how sad our lives were comment on my blog. I literally burst out laughing. You never know it might come in handy.


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