Random meeting..

In one of those moments – of serendipity or plain coincidence, I met someone who I know from Nigeria on the streets. I was chatting with two friends of mine on a particularly busy street when someone walked up to me and called my name. He attended the same church with my parents for a bit, before he moved on to a new town – got a job in one of the so-called new generation banks and quit his University Lecturer job.

Life couldn’t have been harsher. Dude went up several ranks in the bank, before he lost his job. He claimed his pay-off and skipped off to the UK. A few years down the road, he still doesn’t have a permanent job.. Now he works as a temp at a confectionary producer in this town, engaged in back breaking labour, twelve hours each day, five days each week.

Its honest labour, he makes enough to cater for his family… I really should be thankful that I have a job to look forward to, and a kid brother who was magnanimous enough to loan me several thousand pounds…