Menus, shopping lists and healthy eating.

The rude shock of seeing the bathroom scale inching steadily towards 100kg has given me the proverbial kick up the back side. I need to start eating healthy ASAP. Eighteen months of binging on KFC, Greggs and Pizza Hut has done my weight in, and added a few inches to the waist line.

The big problem though is I have zilch experience in drawing up menus and creating shopping lists. I’m good when its a crowd going shopping, and I can eyeball what they are buying and decide. Like the googlephile I am, i jumped to google, to see if there were any hints I could get. I stumbled on the UK Food Safety Agency’s Eat well website. Loads of useful information even though it seemed overwhelming at times!

Four hours later, and countless more google searches, I am no closer to deciding what I want to buy than when i started. I think I will just outsource the creation of the list to one of my more skillful female friends!

3 thoughts on “Menus, shopping lists and healthy eating.

  1. Lol pele..start steadily. Start with loads of fruit and yogurt for snacks. If you like your cookies and stuff, try them multigrain crackers. For meals, you can try the skinless chicken for baking and as protein in salad, if you like fish get the packaged salmon, only takes a few minutes to bake in the oven, beans is a good one, tuna also. if you need any more help feel free to holla 🙂


  2. Taynement Pretty detailed response1 ThanksMyne Whitman Eat less potions is apt.. But sometimes food is a default response to boredom…lol. I get the point though!


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