Retail Therapy!

The stark reality of being totally single, in another man’s land a few days before Christmas never hits you more strongly than on a Saturday night. No work, boring TV, home alone, the inescapable cold of the winter all remind you of your lonely, boring life. There is only so much a good book, mindlessly surfing the internet, food, wine or any of the other finer treats of life can do to assuage the feeling of loneliness.

A few days ago, I decided some retail therapy was needed and I ordered a MacBook Pro. I really didn’t need a new laptop, much less a change to a Mac. It arrived today.. 13″ of dull grey aluminum and the world renowned Apple packaging. Untying the box was near orgasmic and when I finally held it in my hands I almost swooned from the exhilaration. The cold feel of the metal chasis on my palms as the heat was swiftly conducted away couldn’t dampen my elation.

I have my very first MacBook.. I just know it is going to be the first of many! I swear I now understand why Mother has all those shoes!

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