I really would shoot someone if I could. The neighbour decided to have a party and proceeded to deliver an extra loud one – music blaring at obscene levels, people shuffling in the name of dance and setting off vibrations in the entire house. They live above my flat, so I was forced to be privy to the wacky selections the DJ put together. They didn’t even have the courtesy to pre-inform us of their intentions. Thankfully my days here are numbered! Can’t let anyone rain on my parade!

Oh and Joe McElderry won X-Factor..

2 thoughts on “Neighbours

  1. Sorry about your neighbours, we come across such once in a while and you can only grit your teeth and bear it.I'm no more in the UK but I follow Xfactor. I think Joe deserved to win though last year's contestants were much better. Congrats to him.


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