Becoming a Bum?

The last few months for me have been quotidian – bereft of any but the most mundane exertions of eating, sleeping and surfing the internet. Thanks to the fortuitous event of my getting a real job a few months ahead of schedule, I have convinced myself that all I should be doing at this time is to rest and prepare for the big challenge ahead. Sadly, its been a lot more of rest and ungodly amounts of sleep than any real study or preparation. Am I becoming a bum? January can’t come quickly enough for me it seems.

One thought on “Becoming a Bum?

  1. hmmm yer…u probably are becoming one…a bum that is. My self as well. oh we should talk about the presidency situation, I found myself in a heated discussion with the masculine part of the parental unit yesterday and men…I wonder what you think.


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