Should I have? Would i?

By the time you read this, I would have completed the penultimate item on version 6.02 of the five year plan.

26k pounds in expenses, 52k pounds in deferred lost earnings, 4 months of second guessing myself, wondering if this was the right move in retrospect…. And all I get were two short minutes of fame…. 2 minutes where I donned the cape, got the hood and took the twelve steps eastward across the stage to lose my hand in his pudgy one!

Should I have done it? Was it the right move or even the best in hindsight? I don’t knowWould I do it all over again?

YES.. Even if the same sequence of events played out!

22 thoughts on “Should I have? Would i?

  1. congratulations. i guess, im guessing the post is on a graduation of somesort.
    good for you though.
    better that it was all worth it too


  2. I guess its more than the 2mins of fame, you get to use the 'pali' which has the potential of opening doors that bring in more than your opportunity cost! Its more than worth all you put in!


  3. Yes o, you should have.
    You sef know it was well worth it,
    It is more than 2 mins of fame, its an acheivement of a lifetime
    Wheather you'll get what you hoped for with it, or you get there without it, the fact that you added value to yourself and increased your knowledge and exposure……is priceless.
    I should say congratualtions and praying it would bring you only good.
    All the best.


  4. @Spesh — yeah yeah.. guess I did answer the question..
    @Tatababe — Yup.. Have to agree it was worth it in the final analysis
    @Nice Anon — Nah. The Nigerian options went bust…Rolled over to Plan B a few months back..
    @Sunnyside – LOL.. Don't be speechless..
    @ChiChi — Thanks o! It was eventually….. seemed like a rash choice with the way things seemed to be panning out until recently..


  5. @Neefemi — Thanks… Next step is equally critical..
    @Olaoluwatomi — LOL @pali… My friend O argues that with or without it we were doing great anyways… hence my jibe that it was for two minutes of fame..
    @Enkay — Truly.. Have to agree
    @BBB — Lol@ never forget.. Guess I'll try not to.. Can't guarantee it though..
    @Olufunke — Yes o.. Thanks..


  6. @Rita — Thanks…
    @Favoured Girl — LOL.. That is one way of looking at it.. No knowledge is lost..
    @Fabulo-la — 4 months of second guessing myself tells the flip side of the story doesn't it?


  7. Hey Danny RustGeek, Congrats!!!
    But, why is that I have to read some things twice before I get the gist? I dont like it at all o. Maybe I read too fast. Yes. That must be it.


  8. @Scarlet — True.. It berra bring some serious cash soon though..
    @Joicee — Yup.. I hope so..
    @Sagacious J — LOL… Perhaps Process Engineering has taken hostage of the fun cells….


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