They called me. Number was hidden, my phone was on silent, so I missed it the first time. They left a voicemail – asking me to give them a call back. I did and yes we did it! I am to start off the first week of February, so I have a few months to put my feet up and drink some beer (or not)… Thanks to The Source and Myne Whitman who have read my constant prattle for the past few months. You are real Therapists.

That’s one fourth of the issues that precipitated the mid-life crisis resolved now.

5 thoughts on “Yay..

  1. CIL Thanks! Doesn't matter, I should send a bottle of champagne to wherever you are! You have a blog?Taynement A real stress reliever. It was almost beginning to feel like I was a failure.Myne Whitman Thank you! And thanks for sharing the journey so far.


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