Job Application Agent…..

This is an automated email response from Home in relation to a Job Application you made.

Our Ref: JustDB-09-20/2011
Category: Multiple
Location: StuckVille, Limboland

Dear You,

Further to your recent application, we regret to inform you that after careful consideration it has been decided not to proceed with your application on this occasion. Please be informed that in line with our Corporate Recruitment guidelines, you are not eligible to reapply for this or any other position till December 31st, 2012.

May we take this opportunity to wish you every success in your future career and thank you for the interest you have shown.

Yours Sincerely,

For the Company.

20 thoughts on “Job Application Agent…..

  1. @NoLimit– for the sake of argument…..what if its no joke? What would you say?
    @Spesh/Fragilelooks —- maybe, maybe not…..
    @EDJ — lol.. some recruiters recycle tests…. and need to be sure one doesn't get the advantage of familiarity..First time commenter? Welcome!
    @miss definitely maybe — definitely, or maybe?
    @tatababe — i dey joor.. norrin do me….

    @all – as usual.. there's an element of truth, and an element of make believe which i find a little bit humorous..


  2. @simeone — lol.. you know every na….
    @Original Mgbeke — Hai hwouldn't know o…
    @Olufunke — LOL.. Don't be confused.. Just take it as literally as possible…. Job searching sucks.. But God pass them!


  3. @akaRustGeek. Yeah I'm a first time commenter and visitor.

    The job search can be quite brutal for candidates, but speaking as someone who has had to interview job applicants, it can be brutal for employers too. Some applicants are just asking for it. I had this one woman TELL ME that she thinks I'm "a bit too young" to interview her. Then she asked if I had a supervisor she could speak to instead?
    Clearly we didn't call her back.


  4. @Nice Anon — Not ENJOYing it.. more like ENDURing it..
    @Neefemi — Hmmm…
    @Enkay — Resetting the clock like..
    @EDJ — You can say that again.. Thankfully, I escaped with only a one bruise!
    @LucidLilith — Abi o.. Good on you o..


  5. LOL
    think it's funny that it's an automated response to something that been given 'careful' consideration .. yeah right!
    too funny.. it's like you're banned from applying… i guess you made this up…


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