Burning the bridges….. Friday Night Blues…

I hate that you are always on my mind. I tell myself I really don’t mind that we do not talk any more. The brutal truth is that I mind! And worse, that it hurts – like a deeply seated wound that no salve can reach. Only a few months ago, it seemed the world was at our feet and that the sun would shine forever. A part of me wants to believe that you still care, that you still remember – I’m not sure it matters either way. We are done.

I have our stuff in a pile, the mementoes – title pages of books with my name inscribed in your unique cursive, the plaque from your work in Uganda, the emails printed out – the lot. Some day, when I find the courage to let go, and ignite the bonfire, I’ll set them alight. For now, maybe another swig at the bottle might help for once!

5 thoughts on “Burning the bridges….. Friday Night Blues…

  1. lol Oje, we might be living parallel lives. As hard as it may seem, eventually the feelings fade. Check out the lyrics or listen to Taylor Swift's "Breathe". Have a swig for me, mister!


  2. Taynement Sadly, maybe! Not a great place to be. Sometimes one wants to hold on to what is obviously dead! Downed a couple of wigs on your behalf. Myne Whitman Hopefully time, and some radical surgery will help. Nothing major about the template – just decided to go for something darker.justwanna007 Guess that is what one has to do, Thank you!


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