The Economics of Loving….

Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist, writes an intriguing blog at the Financial Times where he provides advice from an Economics standpoint on everyday issues. My current favourites are his analysis of a 32-year old American woman’s conundrum: to stay single in Italy or return to San Francisco, a man’s plea for deliverance from a Walmart hating wife, the statistics on loving and losing, the useless PA challenge and consumer choice theory applications for the good boy vs bad boy debate!


9 thoughts on “The Economics of Loving….

  1. Interesting…responding to everyday issues from an economist's perspective…hmmmmmm…the good boy, bad boy advise had me cracking up…"dump your boyfriend and find a rogue. Date him for a year. It is bound to end in tears, and then you can find yourself another ugly, tedious – yet thoughtful – man. They are not in short supply."…lol.


  2. so i go and check out the guys page
    and seriously is he a love expert or an economist

    this is too funny
    the walmart one was hilarious the italian story was sad in her stupidity and the good guy vs. bad boy one was good



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