‘Rethinking’ Social Networks….

Perhaps, this is definitive proof that Social Networks like  Facebook and Twitter can be good for you after all. First one bloke has his alibi corroborated by a Facebook timestamp (possibly saving him from up to 25 years in jail), then an attempted suicide was averted and  Freddy Adu is finding life on the bench less stressful thanks to support from his peers via Twitter.

What say you? What is the most unconventional use you have put Social Networks to?

30 thoughts on “‘Rethinking’ Social Networks….

    Social networks helps ppl get away from the real world and stay in touch..
    It's almost like a religion really.. Helps ppl get away 4rm reality..


  2. I love my social networks cos i am getting more anti-social by the day- but really thats why we need God men – cos being at the wrong place at the wrong time or being accused of sumn u had nothing to do with is not a good look


  3. im not really big on social network cos when that first rush of excitement wears off with time but you still cant leave cos they are sooooo addictive. but facebook helped me a lot when i lost my phone and it reconnects me to people and friends i never thought i'd see again.


  4. @Olaoluwatomi — Abi o? LOL
    @HYAW — LOL.. Don't blame me for supplying the 'evidence' o…
    @Jaycee — LOL.. Key word is 'perhaps'
    @AJ — LOL.. I'd already received the memo… If you noticed!
    @fantasy queen — I'm sure we all have done that….. even on blogger..
    @Spesh — LOL.. Maybe.. Perhaps it is about these sites evolving organically?


  5. @Azazel/Myne Whitman: True words mate… FB and the like have helped me reconnect with tons of my old buddies.. The counter argument though is 'how helpful has reconnecting with them being?'
    @Nice Anon: Yeah.. Especially the way we use it around here..
    @Debbie: LOL.. Sometimes they can be a tad bit distracting though…
    @Neefemi: Teah, guess we could say that… perhaps part of why we are becoming reclusive is because we are replacing real connections with purely online ones?
    @Anoda Phase: Yelz o…
    @Leggy: That's a good report too then….


  6. ..and i just linked my best friend from primary school after being 20years apart..isnt that amazing?

    Thanks for sharin and how have you been..been awhile..Hope your weekend is goin smooth?


  7. I read recently that people who use social networks like facebook and twitter tend to be 20% more productive than their colleagues ( a study shows)…I am still trying to believe that (i think the study was not conducted in my organization 🙂 ). If i used those social networks enough, I may have had one unconventional use of them…


  8. yeah… i heard about the alibi one… even posted it on my facebook page… just seeing the suicide one… how awesome that is that people took action! I hope the boy gets the attention that he needs!


  9. Oh wow!! Haven't/Didn't hear about the alibi story or the averted suicide one [shows how much news i watch]…wonderful!!

    Social Networks have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. It's hard to imagine life before them.


  10. @Trybes: That is truly amazing bruv…
    @Rita: Ah, I wonder what their sample size was o… IMO that should be like 40% less efficient, except if it's a role that requires a lot of marketing.
    @Diamond Hawk: Hopefully…
    @Kafo: Perhaps, it is for the overall good that you've left FB.. I'm scaling down my activities on their.. hard work, but I'm slowly winning the war.
    @Repressed One: True.. but some would argue that they create lots of shallow connections, rather than a few deep ones…
    @Kat: Radical action encouraged by that video o.. hmmm
    @miss.fab: lol.. i dunno… you decide… 🙂


  11. unconventional? Hmmm… let me see…I used twitter to do serious research before buying a new phone. The feedback was crucial from people I didn't know and saved me some money. i didn't buy the Blackberry Storm, my hubby got it instead heehee.

    How far now, Danny B?


  12. @Reverence: The time commitment on FB is criminal.. Takes a lot of time away from more valid concerns.. esp for us peeps who have two lives….
    @Solomonsydelle: That was a classic case of crowd sourced intelligence in my opinion.. I dey o.. No big issues at mine..
    @gee: Way to go then… Hopefully, its less headaches for you on there then..
    @Caramel Delight: Most people do though.. Quite some self control you have with the limited usage.. I need to get some control there too.


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