Random simple things…….

Chris Abani, speaking at TED in 2008 makes a statement I largely agree with;

The world is not saved in grand messianic gestures, but in the  simple accumulation of gentle, soft, almost invisible acts of every day acts of compassion..

In the last month I,

  • Saw a bottle of palm wine explode: The chic was taking some palm wine to her father for a traditional wedding. She failed to consult knowledgeable others and left the bottle of palm wine corked. 67.5mm Hg of pressure (that is the saturated vapour pressure of ethanol at 20  deg C) ripped the bottle to pieces, and showered us in palm wine!
  • Met @medianemesis — dude is really cool, smart.. and everything I imagined he was and more. Y’all need to follow him on Twitter and read his old blogs – fabulous!
  • Attended Chill and Relax. Been a long while I chilled and listened to sublimely intelligent minds speak the language of poetry. I should attend when next I am in the vicinity. Thanks to Cerberus for sending a timely reminder.
  • Went on a ‘date’ with my friend EC: It was her birthday, I was in town doing nothing so she dragged me along to go grab a bite and just catch up on old times. This was just old friends hanging out after a year of us both zipping around the world without actually seeing each other.
  • Got recruited as a husband finder, so send in the resumes for your brothers, nephews, uncles and (gulp) good ex- boy friends for consideration. The chic in question is uber smart, pwreeety, focused, – world class in short….. and she needs to sort this out in 2010 unfailingly…
  • Discovered I miss my campus bistro: My morning breakfast bun – the white bread + bacon + sausages + a hot cup of coffee has grown on me in the last 13 months..
  • Saw a rainbow – and it actually lifted  my spirits. Was up since 2.30am, it was wet and windy, and then suddenly as my train came out of the tunnel just north of Edinburgh the sun broke out and the rainbow appeared – Priceless!
  • Thought I liked her enough to jettison the 5-year plan, then thought it was a passing fancy and then ultimately decided to fast track certain portions of the plan as opposed to whole sale changes.. Oh, and this is not one of the usual suspects……
  • Was reminded of the one we lost to the genes. She would have been 29 today!
  • Saw a different spin on love: They have been married for 55 years, she is now confined to a wheel chair, but each day, he takes her for a ‘walk’, he pushes the wheel chair and they chat as they ‘walk’. That in my mind seemed like true for better for worse.
  • Watched Imagine That, yes it’s kinda mushy, its cheesy, it runs against belief, but I liked it. Sue me! I need me my twin daughters already

26 thoughts on “Random simple things…….

  1. I liked "Imagine that" too..kinda reminded me of my carefree childhood..*sigh. I totally had no inkling about palmy's abilities to do bursting magic tricks..hmm. and I cannot remember the last time I saw a real rainbow (one that was not created by the immiscible combination of petrol and water)


  2. The palmwine spilling, hmmnn hope folks don;t make old wives tale about that o. Sorry about your loss. Sweet couple 55yrs and counting, it's no mean feat.

    So you up North then are you?


  3. u attended chill and relax? something always comes up and holds me up from attending.
    i get that feeling when i see rainbows too….cos its like a scarce commodity it always jump starts the emotional little child in me when i sight it.

    now thats the type of love i want(i don't want to be pushed in a wheelchair though:)

    i'm sure ur sis is in better place. God bless.


  4. it's amazing how thoughts pop into our consciousness
    this made mii smile

    i don't know why tho

    i'm still thinking about the one that followed the Rainbow one


  5. lol@ husband finder. Is this World class babe a relative? Or you already got your own world class?? Oh wait, that's the reason for fast tracking huh? 😀

    Sorry about your loss to the genes. 😦

    Had no idea palmy had such 'powers'…that musta been a sight!


  6. awww, 55yrs in marriage? that's so sweet of the man "walking" his wife…

    sorry about the 1 u lost…

    so u went on a ahem! date, with ur ahem! friend CiBi?

    husbandfinder? lol…but since d chic is all that, y r u still looking 4 cvs? y dont u apply urself?


  7. Didn't know you were in my old city now. I saw a rainbow there once and had it as my phone screensaver. Someone asked whether I was still thrilled by them. Of course.

    Nice round up, I hope your changed plans fall into place as you wish them to. All the best.


  8. @Fabulo-la : Don't know o.. it was in a cab in Nigeria.. All I picked up were her rants…. Yes it was a sister.. many years ago too…
    @Adia: LOL.. Good to know… Sad about not seeing rainbows…. Maybe you need to take a trip outside the big city and hope and pray…..
    @Thirty+ : Perhaps they already do…. People berated her for keeping it corked tho…. Not up North.. Just passed through for work related sturvs..
    @Rose: Yes simple things are often not so simple…… I'm sure she is in a better place too…
    @Shona Vixen: Fun? A bit.. Lots of travelling though… and Thanks..


  9. @Jaycee: Yup.. Nature often intrudes on our set ways in ways a little out of the ordinary I guess… It truly was magnificent…. Guess God knows best really..
    @fantasy queen: i think you should make out time to attend one of these days… It's work in progress but I sense there's something really good happening there…lol @ you not being in a wheel chair.. Of course not!
    @Ms O: I am.. trying to have fun! Guess the couple were a refershing change from all the cynicism about marriage that had been flying around my head around that time…
    @Gee: I should have taken a picture… We thought it was a gun shot at first until the palmwine showered us!
    @rayo: LOL….. i'll keep that in mind! If I am successful of course..


  10. @Kafo: Yup, random things have the potential to make us stop and think if we let them I guess….. Nothing major about the one after the rainbow I think… Its just pragmatic..
    @Rosie: LOL.. Apparently they still do, unless it was a subliminal message aimed at me!
    @RepressedOne/ Anoda Phase: LOOOL.. Feel free to insinuate away o…… she and I have complications… exes that are friends to the other party and all that! Potentially messy stuff…
    @Myne Whitman: Yup, rainbows can be cool stuff…… I only passed through it though… work related stuff… I'm not sweating on any plans.. just living life largely tho.. thanks…
    @Tatababe: LOL.. You remember! Well, what is it they say about the day of humble beginnings? 😀
    @Neefemi: LOL… All of you wanted something 'personal' there you have it o…………


  11. Sorry about your sis, like you said God knows best. Agree with Doyin, why not send in your CV as well, you never know?? 55 years of marriage, that's an inspiration. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Take care


  12. Nice meedley of thoughts
    lol @ Husband finder, need one myself, ever gotten upset by relatives who feel that its their concern to remind you that you are still unmarried at the age your mother already had two kids! Annoying and pretty depressing I tell you.
    Sorry about your sister she is in a better place, much better place~
    Love the one about the couple still together after 55years reminded me that love lasts after all!
    Well written!


  13. @Hadassah: Thanks…. I'm sure God knew best….. Not sending in a CV o. Too many complications…
    @Anon: LOL @ needing a husband finder yourself… Perhaps Good Naija Girl might be able to help with her current project… Dem relatives never quite get the fact that peeps have different priorities, that its a different time and age from theirs or that sometimes people just don't need the pressure!


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