Piper on Mid-Life Crises…

Excellent piece by John Piper on the subject of handling mid-life crises. An excerpt….

You know, God makes no mistakes. I cannot explain to you why he ordained that the first half of your life would be led in a way that looks like you wasted it. Maybe you just lived for money, and you lost your marriage, and you lost your kids. And now you’re 54 years old, and you are all alone and rich and miserable.

I don’t know all the reasons why God would permit that, but he’s got designs in that. And what his offer to you right now is the next 20 years different, useful, forgiven, clean, hopeful, heaven-bound.

Encouraging.. Follow John Piper on Twitter here.

5 thoughts on “Piper on Mid-Life Crises…

  1. you ain't ever lied – every time i think of my mum and been divorced at 30sumn, refusing to remarry – i know God didnt do it to make her suffer – she had four beautiful kids from it and we are all try to make her proud and somehow God keeps making her joy full

    brought me to tears – i can't even finish what i was saying


  2. dude, you don't understand i have the biggest crush on John P., he takes the complex and just says it in a way that stick to your consciousness.

    he doesn't pull punches and doesn't mince words

    i'm a little ways off from the mid-life crisis but the quarter life one is kicking my behind

    so yeah


  3. @Neefemi: True words.. God takes the absurd and the difficult and makes all things work together for good!
    @Kafo: John Piper is well, just John Piper. I read the quote and just felt like it was mine…. God's help on the quarter life crisis, I think I am slowly getting ahead of my mid-life one..


  4. The great thing about mid-life crisis is the opportunity for amendment down the line.
    I really don't believe everyone has to go through this crisis though.


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