8 thoughts on “A touching story…

  1. this reminds me of "the notebook"

    its true love all the way. If it exists (and i believe it does) that is what i want. i don't want to settle for less like so many folks who can't go the distance. I will get someone who can go the distance or i will not bother at all. It is worth using my faith for.Thanks, this has made my day.

    Its stupid to many people, they just want to be rational but i want God's best.


  2. I absolutely loved the story! What a good man……. And I liked the hug sandwich or is it sandwich hug. I wish I could get some often – my family is not a tactile one, if ony they knew how much their daughter needs hugs. When I have my own kids by Gods grace, am gonna hug the life out of dem!


  3. That story brought tears to my eyes. I pray seriously about old age, for myself, my parents and everyone. Sometimes it can be hard. Love and faith will definitely help. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I was tearing up while reading it. So many things I picked up from both parts but the most important is to love the elderly, I never want to neglect my parents or aunts and uncles.


  5. Danny, thanks for this. It was quite uplifting and makes you think.
    I know most older folks in the US are terrified with being put in nursing homes cos they believe families abandon them. a lot of people fear growing old, but its inevitable and we dont have control of certain things that happen then like being senile. I hope I remember this story when dealing with older folks next time.


  6. I am back. story was so welll written. for once i thought of growing old. it is not something i like to think about, i just want to take it as it comes. but now, i think of the plight of old people. they actually need someone to be around, they need gist…. just like every people. old people!!!


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