Thoughts of a Pilgrim…

I, like a tired weary pilgrim,
Trudge this earth, these stony paths so grim.
Seeking, with ponderous wandering steps,
Salvation from a marauding death.

I, like a penitent prodigal son,
Cling to the fading final notes of my long lost song
Hoping that someday, somewhere within this earthly dome,
I may find the beaten path that will lead home.

I seek a hidden ledge on which to leave my heartfelt plea;
Some place where my bloodied sacrifice I can leave.
Where my guilt ridden heart can find peace and be held
Close to my father, speaking words only he must hear.

All I can offer are my bleeding blistered feet;
These trembling lisping lips ravaged by a dusty mist,
Cracked by the raging vengeance of the northern wind
And led astray by the quivering of a deluded mind.

I, like a weary tired son,
Trudge this earth, these winding paths so long.
Seeking, with weary wandering steps,
Forgiveness for an undying guilt.

The bird in hand…………… Worth two in the bush?

They say a bird in hand ‘is worth two in the bush’… But where do we draw the line between being content with what is in hand versus craving the potential two in the bush……

Sometimes I fear I have a death wish – an inordinate attraction for the eccentric and the esoteric – to the detriment of the normal and available.. When I was younger, I chalked it down to an insatiable curiosity; that essential criterion for a life of continuous learning. Now though, I fear it runs deeper than that, maybe it is a desire to be unconventional, or a longing for the adventure that comes with the risk, or plain old restlessness.. I don’t know anymore….