Quite a few changes have occurred around me in the last few weeks… chief of which was moving out of my  previous lodgings for a flat where a couple of blokes I have known from Nigeria are staying. All has been fine and dandy except for a few issues namely:

1. The boys can snore! Chei, sometimes it sounds like a contest. Different people all ‘hee-hawing’ simultaneously. The paper thin walls fail colossally in muffling the sounds!

2. One of the men has his wifey around and she is a REEAAAAL talker! Not since my 5 year old cousin have I heard a voice so nasal. It rubs me like the way a restless dog’s chain persistently rubs the ground!

3. One boy dey try form sharp man! One of the boys, we’ll call him Duro, is a real pain. Despite him not being an official member of the house, he manages to get himself the largest portions of food, monopolize the TV remote and generally be a nuisance, plus he is always attempting to regale me with stories of his numerous girlfriends.. I usually pretend to be typing away furiously on my BB, that is sadly not enough of a deterrent!

4.I am constantly pleading the blood of Jesus! I’ve been using a lot of buses and the metro, but the things I inhale, only God knows where they are from. All sorts of coughs – body wracking, gruttal, delayed explosive, chesty  and a whole lot of others are being lobbed in my direction. Plus quite a few overly tipsy peeps also use the bus late at night….. How the females manage to stay on their feet in their mega inch heels with all that alcohol leaves me flummoxed!

On the plus side though, I sneaked into London and managed to see Delirious? at the o2 arena! and hung out with some sections of the extended family… Inevitably some questions came up, but I have the perfect anti-dote.. the 5 year plan!

47 thoughts on “Random-isms……

  1. LOL @ The snoring..hehe
    Hmmn I guess he supposes you are paying so much attention to his tales that you wouldn't dare distract him. Or better still, you are taking notes!



  2. Eyahhhh….I couldn't help but giggle a little sha…esp after imagining you furiously typing fast on your BB, but still ending up unsuccessful in your plight to stop the dude from talking…lol.


  3. hahahahah @ heehawing and the dude that comes into YOUR house and tries to take over… I know one too many people like that… pisses the hell outta me…

    And the public's violation of FRESH AIR? ugh….. I'm covered sha! heheh!!!


  4. Oh i don't know how u cope, one person snoring is bad enough but an orchestra, i'll go nutssss.

    That Duro dude, sounds like a lot of friends friends i have come across and funny enough they usually appear at mealtimes and they never contribute to nothing. As for the alcohol and heels, all i can say is "call it a masterclass in BALANCE"..LOL


  5. I so feel u on the polluted air! NY is d same;was on d bus d other day n sum dude spat on d floor!! I felt lyk throwing up…!

    Lol @ d sharp dude, guess he's tryna give u tips to help answer d questions dt external family wnts answered…lol

    Welcome to the communal life…lol…pls bring us mre gist oo!


  6. Ewwwwww at the different coughs. Me I don't slack o. I cover my nose and mouth sharp sharp. I cannot let some people come and dash me their disease. My brother, shey u don collect Vaccine sha? No follow dem play o. I know the blood of Jesus will do the trick, bhet ermmm, go get some additional insurance policy. Just nasty people… yuck!

    As for the Duro guy. some people are body language challenged. You may have to go for a more direct approach. For instance you can tell him to go shove his tales where the sun don't shine 😛

    I can't stand nasal voices too. I try and control my facial expression when people like that are talking. It's the hardest thing ever!


  7. Mehn dat snoring thing is a problem sha. I slept over at a friends party lastnight. the people i shared the bed with expert snorers mehn. they did it with style.


  8. lol at the snores….hilarious…

    That sharp guy…lol reminds me of a flat mate of mine some time ago… the guy name was Solo..short for Soloman.. wise man.. exactly the same attitude. The guy never contributed anything but he always to have the largest share of food and meat… I no understand ooo..

    Danny ..you are living the life ooo


  9. not trying to rub it in or any thing…but really, thank God i have my space no matter how temporary it is. But like my mother will say, it all amounts to some kinda experience for you…now you know not to go living with people just cos(actually especially cos) you've known them for a bit. Hopefully you'l get used to it. i hear guys arent so fussy about who they live with. good luck dear 🙂


  10. lol @ d "hee-hawing" contest…

    pls plead the blood at all times oh…I can imagine ur frustration @ these occurences though…cheer up; there's light @ d end of the tunnel (whatever that means to you)…



  11. hahaha…hillarious post…reminds me of my first year in college way back when 4 of us were allocated a room and all of a sudden,rommies started takin in friends and cousins and we ended up being 16 ..(for those who know unilag wella..im talkin about Mariere Hall)..gosh! you should have seen the contest that goes on everynight..lol..but particularly there was this one hommie who ..mhen* just thinkin about it makes me crack up*..when he starts snorin, believe me you, every single person wakes up! LMAO..like i dont know what the guy suffers from but it gets so loud that you cant but wake up..mehn those were fun times anyways..Naija peeps could be nice to hang out with so just take it in your strides bro…


  12. It kind is a pain to comment on y'all wordpressers
    I hav to write out all this info.

    So you're an engineer eh cool and you live in tokyo? or you wanna go there?

    hehe guys snoring,tell me about it.I sleep through ish like one time robber were in my housee shouting and shooting and I was asleep until…..well I kinda woke up when they started shooting.


  13. @ms. O – yup u were very first! I like my space too.. and have basically spent the last nine years living alone.. this time tho I tot it would be a great experience, esp cos I expect to spend less than three more months where I am….
    @rose–,ah.. never saw it from the point that the bloke thinks I a takng notes… that might explain it all..
    @jaycee – it deserved a giggle I guess… perhaps I shall have to be more obvious next time..
    @jae – lol.. public’s violation of fresh air.. that’s awhole new way of looking at it… my Sunday morning walk to church used to take me past the city centre… all sorts of puke remains and food bits used to fill everywhere..
    @gochi – lol @ a ‘master class of balance’ I have to agree – those heels would be a problem for me in broad daylight and when I am in full possession of my wits.. that amount of alcohol… they must be gurus!


  14. @sassy – ah… is it going to get worse? Abeg o… lol
    @kay9 – lol @ jet li kicks.. maybe I have to try that… and then pretend it was a mistake..
    @tigeress – have sneaked into London for a total of a week and a half in the last month.. the excuses I gave the family peeps all ran out after my dissertation was submitted.. might head back in a few days…. We’ll see what gives.. enjoy your trip…
    @miss enigma – lol.. more gist? Surely it won’t get much worse than this? Some of the dudes on the buses are downright silly.. but na we come their country o.. so we can’t complain… at least there were buses in the first pace..
    @nefertiti – ah… no slacking o… lol @ dashing you their disease.. no b lie o.. I try to minimize my contact with the nasal voiced wifey… but then there are limits to how much one can escape.. my ipod helps matters… even when nothing is playing I keep it plugged into my ears…


  15. @rene – lol.. nothing beats being in control 100%. This move to share a flat was occasioned by the fact that I have a short time to spend… and I kinda wanted to see how it would feel like… but then. It’s so not funny at the moment..
    @sugarking – lol @ expert snorers….i doubt they can beat these guys mehn! Chei
    @dante – bros, which life am I living o… inhaling all these germs? Lol.. some peeps jus feel they are sharp sha.. but we’ll see.. I need to devise a straegy to handle the boy… but bloke no come even get any shame sha… na wah o..
    @lyrics – sound like you do get the hints.. some people though usually have an overwhelming need to share their ‘exploits’ it seems..
    @dabizniz – lol @ missing writing though you are not one’… you did write a lot of stuff o….. maybe no one is a writer.. .. all we need is the right muse to awaken our nascent skills…. Thanks for stopping by…


  16. @tunrayo – valid point about your own space.. I guess that’s part of what irks me about this whole arrangement… cos I’ve got my own room, all that’s shared is the living room. Yet my space is constantly being invaded…. My sister thinks it’s valuable experience tho.. for the future..
    @aeedeeaee – lol.. you shouldn’t pray to be in my shoes now mehn….. welcome to the club…… off to yours soon-ish..
    @anoda phase – amin o… lol.. I sure hope it’s only for a few more weeks…
    @Myne White – I shall try my best with all the flus flying around… ermm… LOL @ your question.. Hmm… I shared a room with my brother for the better part of 16 years.. and he never heard me snore… be that as it may, I do now that I have snored a bit when I am veeeery veeeeery tired…. .like briefly one time in class! I shall place a recorder next to myself when next I sleep just to verify…
    @simeone – lol… a little experiment should provide conclusive proof.. although they might have infested me already tho! Lol


  17. @trybes – ah.. back in the day… in my own case as a jambite, some senior mehn usually colonized the bed spaces, and left us the legal occupants scrambling for the bits… and there was nothing we could do about it o. that brings back a flood of memories..
    @taynement – surely you mean joys tongue in cheek.. cos I am so not seeing any joys here o..
    @gfunc – eyah.. pele… you shouldn’t have to fill in your details all the time if you use firefox, it should store them for the next time… almost went to Tokyo. Back in the day when my pet subject was renewable energy.. now though I’m all sold on oil. Hehehe..
    Ah.. real sleep is a gift I must say.. . thx for stopping by nonetheless..
    @repressed one – lol @ good writing.. I guess tht’s a plus side though…..


  18. I don't know about all those 'coughers' o but you gats to protect your self! Who know what they've all been sipping on?

    lol @ the snoring. My aunt snores so loud that you can hear her all the way across the hall from her room! Not funny at all!


  19. @enkay– no be lie o. I no know wetin they don shak o! Your aunty na wah o.
    @funkola — very irritating
    @rita — lol. I dunno what the problem with IE is o. Thanks for keeping at it. LOL. My current house contract expired, and I expect to spend only a few more months.
    @sleekiest — high points? Not seeing any yet o. I'm good. Trrust you have been good too?


  20. @Olaoluwatomi — LOL.. I guess… but My timelines mean that I have little real choice in the matter though… Good luck/ God speed on your next venture..
    @miss.fab — hmm.. perhaps, you don't have too long to wait till you find out?
    @leggy — emailed you! Thanks..


  21. bia DB.. no blame anyone for you UNsharpness oo. Plenty girls full blogsville and dem dey single so shine your eye. All these smartness you dey opress us with. Better pick one now and start doing your thing..lol we might have a blogsville wedding to which i will be one of the caterers as I will fry a special kind of "akara" for una. LOL

    Btw tell that boy wey dey too chop sey make hin sharrap dia.. which kain gf dem? after hoarding the remote? how can he find a girl when he is busy watching sky sports?


  22. @Lady A — LOL… I'm sure we all can relate to those kind of peeps… I've been good, only trying to rein in my internet ramblings.. lol
    @Nice Anon — Chei see yap o… I don vex! But Original Mgbeke bride price too high now, we no fit negotiate am?
    @HYAW — Succinct summary I would say…


  23. Its been a while since I was here…I remember I was a diehard regular just been busy and out of blogger. Sha, I dunno if I can live with people after dorm life in uni. Im an apartment with less than '4 only' living in.


  24. LMAO, this post really cracked me up. Chei, see snorers na. Ha, with such thin walls I hope you do not have to be subject to kpanshing noises from said man and his wifey. Hahahahahaha


  25. @Abujamaiden.. Heeeey you. Can we throw a little welcoming party.. Or are you just passing through all over again?
    @Original Mgbeke — LOL @ kpanshing noises… Thankfully if they do, they keep it real low…..


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