18 thoughts on “A curious case of HIT and RUN?

  1. In as much as she was irresponsible; I feel for her and for the baby. Its one thing to know ur father and not have him in ur life…its a totally diff thing to not even know your father at all…not even name!

    Wish them well.


  2. Dang…it's a global problem o. No matter how great the mother might turn out to be, she can never be a father to this poor child. Doubt if the video will help find the father at all, but wish them well.

    Have a great weekend too x


  3. @Gee — LOL.. U were first!
    @UnderCover07 — Wish them well too I guess, possibly too much alcohol to take reasonable precautions..
    @SugarKing — LOL.. Naija boys don dey wise up too nah..
    @AJ — LOL… Perhaps it is a global problem, I agree that that both parents are required.. Not sure the video will help, but then we'll see..
    @Fabulo-la — LOL… I find it amusing though.. But sad for the kid…
    @Nice Anon — Yup.. good luck to her… and hpefully it doesn't happen again..
    @Original Mgbeke — LOL.. Enjoy…


  4. Either way beauty can do something o! That girl is beautiful! Even if she doesn't find the father; she might find someone who really wants to get to know her and things might work out voila! Husband!


  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!
    For some odd reason, I can't stop laffing.
    The bit about not having a crazy obsession and that she isn't a bimbo. hehehehe. FUNNY.
    The Kid will be ok…afterall the Man could be some crazy psycho Serial Killer. You never know.


  6. @Lara — Possibly.. But then she might meet someone who loves her and loves the kid in future.. Just that I don't see that happening from this video though..
    @Miss Kikky — I wish her the same too..
    @ Nice Anon — LOL — The stereotypical male is wowed by physical attraction… Whether that will be strong enuf for the long run.. I know not.. Time, perhaps, will tell..
    @Temite — Hmm.. Interesting spin… Hopefully, we'll be able to receive updates as she progresses…


  7. Her accent is strangely enchanting. "Dwink… wemember…" aww, lol. I'll bet 1000 bucks that she's gotten tons of death threats, hell threats, and marriage proposals since this video went up.


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