Back… again..

At the insistence of some sections of the family, I was dragged away to London for the weekend… No complaints though because it included home cooked meals, no internet (sad but good – Twitter on my BB tried to fill the void) and some ‘transport’  money – critical for a bloke on a (self imposed) student budget. Plus I got the opportunity to bond with my niece whom I had never seen (bad ‘uncle’ abi?).

Got the opportunity to join the incredible folks at the ExCel centre too – loads of great music and some really burning words to muse over.. Sadly, the music concert confirmed my fears about an increasingly obvious generati0n gap between moi and young people.. All in all it was great though! Yup..

Dear Fairy God Mother

Kindly report for duty ASAP. I need my coveralls turned into an Alexander Amosu suit and  my grease tainted steel-toed Redwings turned into  a pair of Berluti’s. Also please place a requisition for a Bugatti Veyron.   While you are at it, please stop by Santa’s and remind him I am yet to receive any responses on my requests for the 11th straight year.

Please be informed, that this is your last chance to prove you exist, else I shall have to take matters into my hands and accept that gruelling 9 to 5!

Eagerly anticipating a favourable response.

Your God Son!