The Wastelands…

Sometimes I wish I could fly
and take myself away, to a distant land
far removed from the scorching sun
that bakes my earth into a stony hearth
and burns it into a barren wasteland.

Sometimes I wish I could run
Fast enough to escape this darkness
that coaxes me into a frenzied song
and to a fevered dance; of mindless tongues
that sear my lungs and wear my tired soul.

It is not fear that makes my feet
to trudge these forlorn streets, this barren land
of long dead dreams and dried up streams
too lost to yield to the gentle prods
of shoots of change from just beneath.

It is not hope that beguiles me into
This wait; a desire for a lost reprieve.
There is no promise of a better day
No inkling of a future salvation that can
free me from the pull of this wasted land.

It is the lure of nostalgia, the memories
Of once sweet fruits and dainty blooms now dead.
Of memories deep within from which I cannot run.
Of pulls and tugs, enchantments of a pleasure that
the inner darkness craves and wants.

Sometimes I think if I could fly
And I took myself away to a land untouched
By the ravages of a relentless sun, I might just find
that the darkness I was running from
has come with me and is within.

16 thoughts on “The Wastelands…

  1. hmm..This is really deep and sad too.If only wishes were horse…Dark as it seems, there is always a way out.Cold and lonely as it sounds,there is always a hand out there waitin to lift up..and even though it seems like eveyrthin is all shrouded in secrecy but light will always prevail..Change is a given in life-either place we're thrusted to, right or left, good or bad–there is always somethin to learn and to take along that journey..Nice poem bro..i could go on and on..Cheers


  2. sweet…It is not fear that makes my feetto trudge these forlorn streets, this barren land…It is not hope that beguiles me intoThis wait; a desire for a lost reprieve…It is the lure of nostalgia, the memoriesOf once sweet fruits and dainty blooms now dead…i love


  3. I guess more often than not, the darkness is Indeed from within..and flight should start from there too, before an outward display..Wonderful one & Sad too..:(


  4. Sometimes we feel life is just not fair and the people in it are getting even worse.Sometimes we feel likke the challenges and problems we come across is enough reasons to dodge our head and hide in a corner.Sometimes we feel like running away aint thata a bad idea and that it's rather better if we dont even exist.But the bottom line is… we can only wish for the worse or hope for the better.In times like this, all we can do is sit back, inhale deeply and forge ahead with great zeal and determination.Because if we believe, we surely can achieve.This poem is somehow melancholic.I Hope you are noot down today?xx


  5. Like my son says, "nobody wants to talk in depth anymore." I think this is because depth involves the pain, and we have an "up" society and pain (or so called negativity) is avoided at all costs…..but this is a superficial life and in the end will not bear the fruit suffering is intended to bring forth….so as for the poem….I'm fine with it (my shoulders are big enough 🙂 Write on my dear friend….you have a great way of expressing yourself!


  6. love your poem.especially that last part "the darkness i was running from has come with me and is within". just shows that a times we just have to stay and face our fears which mostly lies within. thanks for coming by my place.


  7. Darkness that is not dismissed will haunt you like a ghost. And when you go so far to make you believe you've lost it, it stares you straight in the face.i know how it feels trying to 'run away' and wishing so hard i could fly. but then again, flying away doesnt necessarily mean you'd forget where you came from.nice one here, bro!!! Love this art!


  8. @Trybes — True words bro – Change is a given.. Only that sometimes we wish it wasn't..@Rene — LOL.. Thanks.. Was trying to explore the reasons why we stick with what we know is not the best for the long run…@leggy/ Harry — thanks peeps.. Glad you like it..@Rose — True.. We often need to win the battle within before it can become visible… @Sassy Trends — LOL.. Melancholic true.. Once heard Chris Abani say that story or writing in general serves as a curator of our history – melancholic or not..@Snowyriver1 — LOL.. Thanks.. Your son is a deep thinker too….@Kay9 — Thanks man.. How've you been?@sunnyside — Thanks for stopping by too… Perhaps this poem needs a sunny side too….@BSNC — Thanks….@Jabez — Aww.. Thanks…


  9. I has always wished i could be as concise as you, being able to chose a word to replace lots of words. nice poem.


  10. @Have you any wool — LOL.. Thanks.. You don't do bad yourself!@Tisha — For real? Good to have you back… Stopped by already…


  11. "that the darkness I was running from
    has come with me and is within"

    My greatest fear, why i try so hard to be a "good" girl and be positive

    sigh, i think we have met before cos u seem to know my inner mind very well


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