Job Hunting..

Its is a well known stereotype that the English love to talk about the weather. In truth, until a few days ago, I was yet to see anything particularly talk-worthy about the weather I have had to endure at my end of the world.

I’ve been chasing a job – similar in remit to the one I was schemed out of in Nigeria – which has required me to do a lot of travelling by train to the City dubbed the Oil Capital of Europe! In the main these journeys have been in phenomenally abysmal weather – made worse by the fact that my student budget requires me to divide the journey into little bits to optimize my spend.

A few days ago, I was on one such Journey – totally tired out because I had had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to finalize my preparations for an interview. In between flitting in and out of sleep, the train suddenly exited the tunnel and was bathed in glorious sunlight, and a beautiful rainbow. I had to grab a picture of it on my Blackberry!

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