45 thoughts on “Business as usual…

  1. Welcome back Mista
    The new season kicks off Sat. Sadly I don't think ManU is going to do well tis season. Let's see how it goes.


  2. @BSNC — LOL at Mr MIA — Wetin man for do now?

    @Trybes — That would be my hope too — to be around more often..

    @Debbie — Thanks – Looking forward to that too..

    @Anoda Phase — Yes o… I hope so too… Gave it my best shot anywas..

    @AJ — Thanks… and Yes.. Good jobs mehn… That's critical

    @leggy – LOL.. Not real football — it's a game on my lappy.. a new version is out in October so I need to enjoy this version maximally..

    Thanks peeps for stopping by


  3. Lol…I agree wiv Fabulola, missed ur big words…and reading ur posts for my word of the day!

    All the best on ur dissertation, infact u don already pass.


  4. @ShonaVixen — Awww.. Thanks.. I hope so too
    @Fabulo-la –LOL @ big words and deep thinking…..It was only a lowly MSc — and not even a research one at that… I suspect I am done with Engineering as an academic venture going forward.
    @Undercover07 — LOL.. You too? Ys O I don pass IJN
    @Rene — LOL.. The dissertation is like a final year Project — where you demonstrate your mastery of some portion of the subject studied… I don't expect to vanish at random….In the near future at least…


  5. conga Tu la TIONS oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    and many happy returns
    of the day
    long life and prosperity

    hip hip hip



  6. @Temite — Thanks a mill! It sure feels like home around here….
    @Fantasy Queen — LOL.. I think so too.. Already patted myself on the back….
    @Caramel Delight — LOL.. It takes at least two to party.. Possibly more.. So where's the parry at then?
    @Roc — Thanks bro — They announced FM2010 a few weeks ago.. I am trying to go top of the world one more time before i switch to 2010
    @Gochi — Yes ke… I am so planning on enjoying my summer o…. I am VERY glad it's all over mehn… Dang


  7. @LoloBLoggs — LOOOL.. YOu are not serious at all…. What are trying to insinuate?
    @Good Naija Girl — Yes oh.. the good times are rolling on
    @Kafo — LOOOOL.. Did I miss somethinng? Or are we on the same page? 🙂
    @Lucious Ron — Yes o.. looking forward to the chillaxing part mehn..
    @Kay9 — LOL.. It's fair t say I missed the BLogsVilla –LOL @ number last…. Perhaps one day we shall organize a post for you to comment on first…… 🙂
    @Scarlet — Yes o.. Thanks…

    Thanks peeps.. Keep repping the real YOU!


  8. Hey! Welcome back! U're so lucky u've handed yours in. I've still got 3 weeks to go of this torturous exercise, lol. Anyway, all the best in it and happy birthday(?), lol. Ciao!


  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear fellow Leo. I wish you many happy returns and many more years to come. Most especially I pray God will grant you ALL your heart desires this year and may He surprise you with with uncommon blessings. xxxxx


  10. Happy birthday oh!
    It comes only but once in a year, so enjoy it to its fullest.
    Many more coming ur way.
    And may ur heart's desires be granted if deemed fit by the Almighty.
    And blogville said


  11. Where have you been? Hmmmm so you are about to be done with this PhD..(Shey na PhD)…congrats oooo. You musto marry my cousin now…LOL
    I have missed you.


  12. @Roc — Thanks man.. Turned out great in the end
    @Buttercup — LOL.. You know now… We all need these things…….
    @BSNC — Thanks……
    @Gochi — Perhaps you should decide where it will be at….
    @TigEress — Yes o.. Needing some of His surprises sharply at the moment too….
    @Chayoma — Yes o.. Once a year….THanks…
    @Original Mgbeke. — LOL.. NO be PHD o… na wan small MSc like that o.. Make my head no go rust finally….LOL @ yr cousin…. She fit manage my razzness?


  13. One the smartest dudes around. I love your wit, control of tenses and the maturity that exudes itself even when it is clear you aren't trying. Happy birthday to you and here's to many more years of all of the above mentioned and more.


  14. Egbon himself…The Chairman himself…lol…Happy Birthday!!!
    May the good Lord continue to guide and order ur steps…and may His hand of blessing never leave you and your family….AMEN!!!!!

    Have a blast!!!!

    PS: U were keeping quiet and ddn't wnt to tell us abi? But CLG ddn't let that happen…lol


  15. Happy Birthday Bro …Three hearty gbosas for a dear friend…

    May all your dreams come true and pray God grants you a Midas touch on everythin you lay hands upon..

    Enjoy your day and remember to save some for blogsville..



  16. @Nice Anon — Awww… Me? Ah thanks.. Head is a wee bit bigger now!
    @Undercover 07 — LOL @Chairman himself.. sho……..Yes o.. May God continue to run things on my behalf o…
    @Bibi — Yup.. summer lovinng.. at least that's my story…
    @Trybes — Ah.. Thanks bro… I wish all our dreams come true too…

    Peeps I am totally overwhelmed with the outpouring of congratulations.. Thanks


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