A Lost Son…

In moments like these, the stark reality hits me like a blow to the solar plexus – I am lost….caught in the neverland between two worlds – never fitting into either one. My lostness is multi-faceted; spawned by the dissonance being caught between the fervent patriotism of a son who once believed he had something big to offer his country and the hard nosed pragmatism of a thirty plus bloke who realizes –  a trifle late –  that finding his place in this world is more important in the near term than the anonymity of sacrifice.
The last eighteen months have been intense – filled with activities which have changed me. Some came close to breaking me – like losing my Nigerian job, like enduring that nasty breakup, like feeling like the world caved in all at once… I like to imagine I survived, and am slowly picking the pieces of my life back up and together again.
This is me in transition, at the edge of the world,  retooling a leaner, meaner me… And hoping to make sense of both my worlds.
Time will tell

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