Finally Free

I killed you;
Ripped apart from the very roots
The vestiges of everything
We once held dear.

The yawning chasms
Finally took their toll, Harshly jerking us awake
To the rasping rhetoric of a Reality birthed
By things that would never be.

I have been
Broken like a gourd,
Crushed like the petals of a rose
Dismembered by feet in haste and shredded into bits
By hands too calloused
To care.

My scant consolation
Is the lingering scent of roses in full bloom
And the nostalgic memories of heavenly sins tainted
By the putrid smell of decaying flesh and the cries of circling vultures
Keen to feast off the pieces of a shredded heart
That has finally become

In killing you
I find salvation; the queer freedom
That finally exorcising the ghosts of a festering gangrenous limb
brings me from the stealthy spread
Of disease.

Today I killed you;
In the instant I drove the shovel in
And pulled out the final strands of your roots
I felt strangely alive, truly
Free to be me again.

(c) akaBagucci…. All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Finally Free

  1. This poem had the power to transport me to a place where graves apparently lie…Kind of scary…Life or freedom comes from the death of something else…I like that concept.


  2. This is beautiful to say the least..The way each line flows into the other, like strings of beads..I guess sometimes we have to exorcise unpleasant, or rather too pleasant memories..and somesuch.


  3. i love this…and like fabulo-lah said sounds like "you" needed to be killed…kindda like the bible saying "except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit"


  4. after reading this i thought: this dude is talking about me killing a certain 'habit' of mine. I like the last 2 paragraphs alot. Nice work


  5. @Confessions — LOL.. Not necessarily a person.. It is multi-layered — a person and a painful breakup; the inner darkness that needs to be mortified and also mindless activity that needs to be stopped pronto…@Fabulo-la — True.. 'You' needed to be killed to prevent gangrene from killing the greater organism..@Jaycee — LOL… No real graves here.. You nailed the final thoughts with your last line…. @Gee — LOL.. Just 'killing' the inner darkness.. Not a real person..@Rose: Thank you! I agree.. sometimes the good can also be a hindrance to taking the next steps..@Blogoratti — LOL. True on one level… But I think it's also applicable on more levels..@Jahzymn — Spotted the scriptural connotations alright thur!@Tunrayo — LOL…. On one level it refers to mindless activities like habits too….Thanks for stopping by peeps


  6. I like this!I like the way you wrote this.I like the sound of victory, felt like one finally overcame!I like the ….truly, free to be me again!


  7. nice post. You really think deeply, I suppose. Used to write poems. Long ago. Stopped. Now, I can't compose anything poetic.You couldn't totally do without a dark theme for the sub-domain, could you?… You sure like to tinker with your blog. (lol)


  8. as i read through i pictured me murdering something in me….my doubt and all tose fears.huh, who knew thinking murder up could be so guiltless and fun and poetic.


  9. hmmm…out with the old….you can't pour new wine in old wine skin!but wait o, don't kill in real…how're you?


  10. using the word profound doesn't do this justice

    it is profoundly deep?
    does that work
    i don't know
    what i do know is that the pain is evident and dripping off the page
    it seems like a war within one's own self

    in short

    I LIKE


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