On attempting to find the perfect solution..

I listened to an old Joshua Harris message  I downloaded from 2005 over the weekend. One thought caught my attention all over again….

It is easier to give direction to those who are alive than to attempt to raise the dead.

Whilst he made the statement in the context of guy-girl relationships, I think it makes sense for other aspects of life. Perhaps it is better to start something and then attempt to retool it than to eternally agonize over the perfect solution.

21 thoughts on “On attempting to find the perfect solution..

  1. Ah DannyB and his mind boogling quotes sha!!

    Ok i totally did not even relate that to guy-girl r/ships, but im guessing it somehow relates to our faith???


  2. firstly, its hard to comment and then u dont appear on my blog roll…. hmmm na wa o!
    i agree with this view but we find most people beating a dead horse than focusing on the alive ones


  3. @Nice Anon/Gee — I agree true.. Seemed like a succinct summary of many things all at once to me..

    @Seye.. Trust you have it now.. Its actually one of two messages.. And the quote is from Part 1, not the second I linked here..

    @Repressed One/Chayoma/Rene/TigEress — I agree its a true quote too..

    @Debbie — Hmm… That's another slant to the quote.. Nice angle to it..

    @Brokeass/ Sweetlovin' — LOL… I guess it would only make sense in context.. He was actually referring to some feedback he got in the past where it seemed some dudes in church were being overly aggressive in asking some females out…. He seemed to suggest it was better to have to correct them for wrong approaches than to try to get them interested in the first place…


  4. @ funms-the-rebirth — Hmm.. True.. Another interesting take on the same words… I like your take! I HOPE the commenting wahala is resolved now? And I do appear on your blog roll as my old 'Memoirs of the Guy Next door' self. My only grouse is that I am no longer in the top 10!

    @Remi — True.. Lots of different potential insights from those few words.. Perhaps it's cos truth has universal application…

    @Original Mgbeke — LOL.. True..

    @Caleb — Hmmm… Another totally new twist to the whole thing too.. I like!

    @Naughty Eyes.. LOL….. Perhaps brevity is an art.. that the intrinsically verbose can never conquer…

    @Lady A — LOL.. Thanks…. I shall try to..

    @ LOL….. Thanks.. Na wah o.. You don vanish again?

    Thanks peeps for stopping by


  5. Many times we are so set, and stuck in a frame of mind, We are wearing shades , that taint our perspective of the truth , that we fail to see , how twisted an ideal we hold is , no matter how obvious it may be.


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