“Mene mene tekel parsin”

Its midway through the year already…. 2009 has sped by with alarming inerrancy…. And the midway point will soon be reached…….I find myself musing, questioning, probing and sifting through the evidence hoping to find proof that I have indeed focused on the right things so far that will make the most difference when push comes to shove and the bricks fall down as though ripped to shreds by a tsunami of cataclysmic proportions……….The big chronological milestone approaches too, and with it comes a sense of dread – I will officially become ‘old’ in my book – but then on the other hand is some gratefulness for still being alive against all odds….. …… Its  taking stock time here………….I really hope the verdict is not “mene mene tekel parsin”

19 thoughts on ““Mene mene tekel parsin”

  1. Hey.. I don't know how old you are but you are definitely not old… old is 80 okay? Be happy that you are blessed, as you said, to still be alive, to be smart, to be awake and alert. Tis all good 😀
    I hope you get satisfied with whatever it is you find out, but remember to not sweat it too much either.


  2. July is going to be my new yr as its my birth month n i'll make d best of the rest of the yr. You'll be fine, u're just looking at ur age from the wrong angle, as long as u feel u're on the right track to ur dreams, just relax n enjoy ur life b4 u're really too old to enjoy it.


  3. Are you a July superstar as well??
    No wonder i always sensed something special about u!
    I now what you mean about taking stock on how things have gone in the first half and makng changes to try make the last half even better


  4. …U r only as old as u feel. And lyk everyone has said, jst continue to be grateful for the gift of life; every new day is a second chance to do what you didn't yesterday.

    PS: Are u a July celebrant too? Yay!!!


  5. yay! old or not, time to eat cake and jollof rice with fried chicken…..
    Im sure uve really achieved a lot this year more than u realise…oya start listing and u'll see……….


  6. Sod worrying about it, I'm up for the jelof. Please make sure you have puff puff too…now where is the party at? Check out Jaguda.com for your party tunes…me thinks some Evi Edna Ogholi is due! lol!


  7. hahahaha

    I echo your prayer with you.

    will you be found wanting?…..uhh, perhaps in certain area.

    are you as old as methuselah?…..not likely

    will you still be the one and only danny RustGeek who is making a difference in the lives of people….most definitely.

    i am grateful for you. i am grateful for the life you have led. i am grateful for your posts and the lives you have touched with them.


  8. You sef!! Your oyinbo plenti, haba!!!
    Strapping on my heels, so where's the party at for the next big -0?
    I've been "old" since I turned 16.. but I've learned to view my life as wine, you know the drill.


  9. Ahh, the good ol' mid point eval. And my dear o, we thank God that you are alive despite the wahala that goes on in this world.


  10. Really grateful because God has been faithful through out this year. Definitely taking stock and it's looking good for me.


  11. @ all– thanks for your comments.. The birthday is actually in August.. Just starting the introspection a little early this year….. And I am NOT 21!


  12. Dude i know the feeling. Had that introspection too a lil while back, and know it will come along again this year. Especially with my desired career path and ……., like you said. The writing is on the wall by the hand of God, and hopefully it's not impending doom

    PS-Really grateful to God for good health etc The attitude of gratitude is the aristocrat of all emotions.


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