Nineteenth Street…

Strolling with an eager anticipation of the culinary delights sublimely created to soothe my aching throat and growling stomach, I hum a mindless tune that bears no connection whatsoever to any extant song. Somehow the steady ‘chomp chomp’ of my footsteps are the entire accompaniment I can muster to the tune that fills my head to overflowing. It has been a hard day of work; if shuffling papers, shouting at the interns, playing solitaire and facebooking count as work that is. All that is far removed from the fore of my mind though, as the gently fading sun casts long shadows on the earth behind me, whilst I walk along the street, anachronistically named the Nineteenth

The object of my desire is piping hot amala served with ewedu and pomo, churned out with surprising consistency and impressive dexterity by Iya Monday; a shockingly obese woman, clearly stuck in menopause who pointedly insists on bedecking herself with a nose ring, four inch heels and a spaghetti top which manages to conceal what should be exposed and expose what perhaps in a different time and age might have provoked a pointedly visceral response in a man of lesser virtues.

The shrill ‘peeen peeen’ of a ‘vespa’ awakens me from my reverie, as I suddenly realize that I had indeed come within whiskers of being brushed off the road into the seething morass of floating paper, maize husks, mosquito larvae and putrid water escaped from a broken sewer that is an open gutter which perhaps now better defines the road than that name Nineteenth.

17 thoughts on “Nineteenth Street…

  1. I totally love the way you write. Now you're making me long for amala and ewedu w/ pomo. facebooking and playing solitaire doesn't count as work.
    totally random. You just had to turn a simple thing into a complex fascinating one.


  2. Very vivid imagery! You painted a very clear picture here, and even though I don't like Amala, you have me craving some! Lol. Have u ever visited the 14th and Serenity blog? This piece reminds me of it. Great piece!


  3. Don't shout at the interns, they won't learn anything that way. *tsk tsk*

    How very expressive, i almost thought i was on 19th street myself. But i'm mad at you now, cause i want some amala and ewedu and it's not even lunch time yet!


  4. hahaha iya Monday stuck in menopause…..ohhh, thats so wrong and funny.

    Pls, did Iya Monday have any young girls at the time?….was having a conversation recently and I realized some friends frequented certain naija joints in the past cos of the owner's girls….so, let me know where you fall in.


  5. @Caramel — LOL.. U were so first…. Perhaps, you can bring s small thanksgiving offering to my 'church' for your fingers and blackberry..LOL

    @gee – LOL.. The imagery embedded in the term is breath taking..

    @Brokeass — Thank You, Thank You… Perhaps, I would be the one honored by that..

    @chayoma — Many Thanks…

    @Rene — LOL…. Surely, it wasn't that graphic… Anyways, find some grub in lieu pf amala then..

    @NIgerianDramaQueen — Headed there.. Great stuff on there.. I shall take out some time to read thru.. Thanks for sharing..

    @Original Mgbeke — LOL.. NO be small thing o….. Na so amala for dull me..


  6. @bsnc — Thank you!

    @scarlet — LOL… Thanks… Our souvenir nko? I never forget o! LOL…Still traipsing all over the world I guess?

    @gochi — LOL.. These two interns needed to be shouted on I tell you.. They were more concerned with posturing like beauty queens on the catwalk than getting anything into their heads.. But then I was FBing too…. Sadly..

    @Justdoyin — That amala was sthgn else… Even my overall Oga used to appear there in the night for some shots..

    @naijagirl — LOL.. Maybe Iya Monday felt she was in direct competition with her girls… But then the atmosphere was usually so full of activity that I do not remember noticing any younger girls…. LOL…


  7. The IMAGERY IS SO POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the way you described the scenery. It makes a beautiful scene ugly…or rather an ugly scene beautiful


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