On… The Crux of the Matter

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ABlackJamesBond asked a particularly intriguing question on the last post on his blog – contemplating.

Would the boy you were yesterday be proud of the man you are today?

I wish I had straight forward answers, a Yes or a No. But I’m finding out that the more I think about it, the more it seems the answer is both Yes and No. Yes, I’ve met and exceeded most of my targets; No because in some regards, I have done stuff the boy of yesterday, who stood with great enthusiasm on the cusp of greatness would cringe to even hear of. Deep down sometimes I argue with myself, wondering if perhaps I have even delivered on the huge potentials I know I once had.

I take solace though, in the fact that I still am alive against all odds; after all he that is joined to the living has hope. And that gives me the opportunity to do all I need to do TODAY, so that I can be proud of the Father I will be tomorrow.

Perhaps, the most appropriate question today would be:

Are you learning or doing stuff that would make you proud of the Father or Mother you will be in Future?