13 thoughts on “UNICEF’s Day of The African Child……..

  1. Thanks Danny, I will be sure to take out time to think of kids and their plight.

    You don dey tweak your site…kudos.
    Remniscing, rediscovering….reaffirming???


  2. @Solomonsydelle — Almost forgot myself.. Needed some help from Outlook on my phone to remember.. Thanks fro stopping by….

    @TigEress/BSNC/Sweetnothin — LOL. Thanks.. They really need more than thoughts– but its a great place to start I guess

    @Good Naija Girl — Hmm.. perhaps we can do something if we remember them..

    @naijagirl — Hmm.. Just a little tweak this time… Yup… Reminiscing on the past, Rediscovering the axioms that made it work, Redefining the metrics for the future and Recalibrating my sensors today for a smooth-er flight towards the redefined targets…C'est clear?


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